Sarah Bahbah Makes Her Film Debut in Kygo’s “Think About You” Music Video


Flowery colors, lots of wine, and smothering men. These are a few of the trademark elements of Australian photographer, Sarah Bahbah’s most famous works. Essentially, capturing the feminine mystique is what Bahbah does best.

In her past collections, she has portrayed the raw emotions of relationships, decoded taboos about love and sex, and has painted the inner psyche of women through subtitled photographs. This lesser known, yet ever growing artistic vision has caught the eye of several brands and the mainstream media. Partnering with Gucci, Condé Nast, Sony Music, Capitol Records, and other iconic names, Bahbah has spread her brand across many mediums.

In her latest project collaborating with singer, Kygo, she wrote and directed her first musical film for the single “Think About You.” The video tells the story of a seemingly perfect relationship through the lens of both the male and female perspective.

Jax, played by Dylan Sprouse begins the music video stepping out of a car angrily in the woods, axe in hand. He is stopped suddenly by a man who begins to play a film roll. The movie depicts his past relationship from beginning to end in a series of stages. From the start, Jax repeatedly makes different attempts to gain the attention of Ariel, played by model Khadijha Red Thunder.

When Jax finally wins her over, Bahbah reflects their relationship deep in the honeymoon stage. They are shown dancing, seen cuddling on a flower encrusted boat, and everything is perfect. Then, the perspective breaks to Ariel’s inner feelings.

“Love lies to you,” Bahbah writes across the screen, in her famous captioned shots.

Ariel is a character who is trying desperately to love herself and find inner peace, while silently gasping for air in attempts to please her lover. Jax, does not see that he is smothering her, and this is ultimately revealed to him in the playback of the film.

Alongside Bahbah’s intriguing visuals, Kygo’s song “Think About You” relays  a relatable message to one’s experience with their first love. Often times we are blinded by the seemingly perfect moments, that we neglect our own needs in sake of “love.” Incorporating her famous aesthetic, Bahbah delivers this message by using stunning portraits and matching subtitles of Ariel’s conflicting thoughts.

The relationship is one-sided, as Jax repeatedly says, “this is what I want,” and Ariel questions whether she wants to be in the relationship at all. We begin to see the darker side of the relationship unravel as phone calls are ignored and Ariel proclaims the love in herself. After seeing the struggles Ariel deals with, Jax’s anger subsides and is flooded with sadness.

“When you're looking at the protagonist, Jax, he's very giving. That's his way of showing love, through gifts. Whereas Ariel has a different way of showing love, and when you're observing her, every time Jax is trying to access her mind and a deeper part of her, she responds with touch and she kisses him,” Bahbah explained in an interview with MTV.

Ultimately, Bahbah’s video for “Think About You” depicts the different ways in which we communicate our feelings to one another in a relatable and vulnerable way -- and the response has been tremendous. Bahbah has truly reached her audience.

Lead Image Credit: Sarah Bahbah