Collabarét Activation “Lunar Night” Integrates Art Mediums Into a Harmonious Event


If you’re staying at the Ace Hotel, you’re lucky; you wont need to make plans outside the building on nights that Collabarét has an event.


On Friday, August 23, Collabaret’s “Lunar Night” activation swept across the Ace Hotel lobby, swimming in purple and blue hues while drinks clinked together. It was a mix of music industry professionals, friends of the founders, the artists performing and their closest friends, genuinely interested New Yorkers looking for a great night, and some confused tourists who didn’t know if they had stumbled across a private party or a free event. 

Collabarét, founded by Madison Dailey, Christy Waldrop and Rachel Doyon, was created to be a live, immersive space for artist to audience connection. In a city with over eight million people, it’s easy to find talented, interesting people to stay in touch with over Instagram, but it’s nearly impossible to make a deeper connection. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were events that put everyone in the same mindset, same playing field, and promise that you’ll take home a new perspective and new friends? That’s what Collabarét has created. 


Pixilated, multi-colored designs by Nicolás Escarpentier were projected across a diverse trio of musical artists. Josh Savage is a singer-songwriter from Berlin who previously held the longest record for most Sofar Sounds shows. Stefan Alexander, NYC-based singer-songwriter is about to release his new EP, “Thunderclap.” Illicit Ghost is a pop artist/producer, who is also a pro at violin solos during performances. Between heartbreaking violin solos and soothing voices, belly dancer Lex Linds and interpretive dancer Skoolz swayed through the hotel, letting the music take over their bodies. “I love the energy at these things and how there are so many types of people. It’s nice, everyone does a little bit of something,” Linds commented between dance breaks.

Tarot readings were conducted by Vei Darling, tattoo artist Chris Cutthroat set up shop so Collabarét goers could remember the night for the rest of their lives and a collection of paintings sat on a separate table. The artist behind the paintings was Silver, a NYC native who showcased her love for astrology and art. Her paintings had reflective silver in the middle to represent a mirror with mantras written around the edges that she says to herself everyday. One mantra goes “I embrace the inspiration that calls to me. I follow my heart. I am fully supported by the universe.” The mantra fit the setting well: follow your heart, it will give you the inspiration to create great things and the world will love you for it, as Collabarét showcases. 


Curating this platform through love, ambition and inspiration, Collabarét has thrived in NYC and is branching out to new cities internationally, with their main goal to connect people of all backgrounds, one activation at a time. Madison Dailey, co-founder of Collabarét, wants activation goers and performers to know they have a community. “We wanted to bring people together and connect them through art and music. We wanted people to know and artists to know that they’re not alone, and through collaboration, we can create art.” 

Lead Image and All Photos: Sebastian Toro