6 Steps to Curating the Perfect Instagram Feed


have you ever wanted a great instagram theme but didn't know where to start? your instagram theme is the first thing someone notices when they click on your page. your favorite celebrity has a perfect instagram feed and so should you. here are 6 helpful steps for curating the perfect instagram feed.

Step 1:  Download VSCO

With VSCO, there are countless filters and edits you can use for your photos. If you fool around with the right tools, you’re bound to come up with something really fucking cool. Personally, I invested in every filter vsco had to offer, and trust me, it was worth it. But, if you don’t want to buy every filter, vsco offers a service where a user can pay $20 a year, and gain access to all of the filters PLUS exclusive ones every month. I highly recommend this service, as it helps me a lot with editing and improving the quality of my pictures.

PHOTO: Drew Gannon /  Instagram

PHOTO: Drew Gannon / Instagram

Step 2: Choose a Color or a Theme

The key to a perfect feed is the balance between colors. If you strive to have a perfect flow for your instagram feed, then you must make sure your colors are cohesive. This means only uploading photos that are edited with certain hues or themes. At the moment, my feed consists of oranges, reds, and blacks.

Sometimes along the way, you get pictures that allow you to introduce other colors into your instagram feed. These pictures are key if you’re interested in changing the type of pictures you’re posting. It can also be helpful to have multiple colors in your feed rather than just one singular hue, as it gives you more options on what to post.

PHOTO: Drew Gannon /  Instagram

PHOTO: Drew Gannon / Instagram

Step 3: Get to Know the Archive Tool

The archive tool on Instagram is one of the many helpful components to maintaining a great feed. If there is a post that doesn’t quite fit your theme, then you can easily make it go away without deleting it completely. Although it’s nice that it doesn’t appear on your feed, the public will not be able to see the photo unless you unarchive it. I have tons of pictures in my archive, and I’ve found it to be a very useful tool to get to know, saving your feed from the depths of hell (aka a terrible instagram feed).

If you aren’t familiar with this feature, all you have to do is go onto any picture you’ve already posted, hit the three dots in the top right corner, and locate the archive option. You will then be able to find the spot on your profile where your archived photos are held.

Step 4: Download the app “UNUM”

PHOTO: Drew Gannon / UNUM

PHOTO: Drew Gannon / UNUM

This app is a great way to test certain pictures with your feed without having to upload them to instagram first. I use it pretty often to see if a picture fits in with all of my other ones on my feed. If it doesn’t, I switch it with a different picture that matches the style better. If a picture just isn’t fitting in, you can always use the gallery option. With this option, you can post multiple pictures to the app, helping you to decide what order to post your photos in.

Step 5: Be Confident

Sometimes the key to posting pictures and having a solid instagram is having the confidence to post in the first place. If you are picky about what you post, sometimes confidence can decide whether or not you actually end up posting a photo. Personally, I know that if I was not confident about how a picture fit into my feed or how I looked in it, then I wouldn’t end up posting it at all. If you’re confident in what you post, then that’s really all that matters.

As an artist or someone who strives to be artistic, a key aspect is having the ability to believe in yourself and in whatever it is that you have “created”. Really, this correlates directly to your instagram account; it all starts with confidence.

Step 6: Post!

Just go for it! If you enjoy how your feed is starting to look, and if you maintain the confidence to keep posting, then that’s all you need.

Team Blended