Director's Statement: "il Bambino"


il Bambino is a story about unkept promises and unexpected encounters in New York City.

Dear Viewer,

My name is Lucas Sanches Ferreira. I am a musician, filmmaker, and graphic designer. My goal as a human is to make a living doing what I love (like all of us I hope). What I love consistently is music, human connection, and beautiful stories.

Film is a medium through which I can express the stories/perspectives that resonate with me -- with the added benefit of being able to capture the visual/emotional experience of what it feels like to listen to music. I think filmmaking is pretty sexy in that sense. It’s got a lot of style, lots of motion, and (hopefully) it takes the viewer (you) on a journey that may lead to some new self-discoveries.

This mixture of different art forms is the most unique aspect to making movies, and the most interesting one to me. It’s a beautiful combination of human action, behavior, and emotions coupled with visual and auditory techniques that enhance the experience. Experiencing good content is exciting. It’s an emotional experience, and there’s an underlying human desire for connection that keeps content creation alive and breathing…

So whatever, yadda yadda, film this, music that... You get it by now, I like movies.

This film I made was a mish-mash of different ideas that fell apart because of a very tight deadline. I shot this over the summer of 2017 while attending a filmmaking intensive course at New York University. We were assigned 5 projects over the summer: we had about 1 week to write each script, cast actors, scout locations, and gather all production necessities for the short films. I asked to combine my 4th and 5th project into one which allowed for a little bit more time to develop the concept. Most of the extra time I acquired was allotted to embellishing the script and finding feasible shoot locations.

I wrote several drafts for a completely different story -- which never happened because of last-minute logistical problems. My motivation at the time was that I really wanted to take advantage of the equipment that NYU offered via the course I was enrolled in. So no matter what story I ended up filming, it had to be good. Because of the logistical issues, I had to write a completely different script. I did that overnight two days before the shoot and sent it to my script supervisor in the morning who then tweaked and shortened the content… The idea for il Bambino came as a sort of a "proof of concept” film, which justified a lot of its loose ends. Despite the time-constrictive challenges, I am immensely proud of this film. I believe it accomplishes what I sought out to do with it.

il Bambino is a story about unkept promises and unexpected encounters in New York City. The film’s theme revolves around two essential “what if” questions:

  1. What if you promise your summer-fling that you will be immensely successful by the time of your next encounter?
  2. What if she/he visits on an unexpected day and you are overcome by guilt?
If you have any questions about il Bambino or would like to get in touch with the director, please email
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