Michelle Obama Launches Project to Empower Girls Around the Globe


Last Thursday, former First Lady, Michelle Obama announced her latest project called the Global Girls Alliance -- an organization dedicated to empowering young women across the globe through education. The organization seeks to support over 1,500 grassroots organizations that plan to erase the hurdles young girls face when it comes to gaining access to education.

Shortly after Obama announced the campaign, The Obama Foundation posted a promotional welcome video on YouTube. In it, girls from all different backgrounds are showcased holding hands throughout school settings. All the while, they are singing a rendition of George Michael’s "Freedom" as they celebrate together. It is clear that the short clip reflects the hope of Global Girls Alliance to provide these girls with the education they deserve. In this way, the video is wonderful at empowering young girls by showing they are their allies.

Today there are 98 million girls who are not in school getting an education. The list of factors may be long, but it is not about not the resources. It's about the failure to allocate money for young  women's education. When asked about what inspired the proud champion for women's rights, Obama said of her final solo trip as First Lady:

What I remember most from that day, though, couldn’t be more clear: It’s the promise inside each of those girls — girls who show up every day to learn. They show up even after walking for miles or waking up early to earn some extra money to help pay their school fees. They show up even though their families depend on them to take care of younger siblings, cook meals, and ensure their household is running smoothly. They show up even though many are pressured to marry as adolescents, sidetracking their own goals for a man’s.

In the 21st century we like to think we have made progress along gender lines, but our current political climate has shown us history often repeats itself. Educating and supporting young women can assist them in one day being leaders in their communities, and leaders of the world. The lack of investment in girls is a global crisis. It is time we do something, as human beings, and as allies for girls. Obama hopes to connect grassroots organizations and leaders together under a shared goal to educate girls around the globe.

In three days, the organization has raised 117,247 dollars. Those looking to donate can go to the Global Girls Alliance GoFundMe. The dedication not only from Michelle Obama and The Obama Foundation, but from everyone around the world, reminds us that the future truly is female.

Lead Image Credit: Pinterest