Director's Statement: "The Abyss"


The Abyss is about a young artist who gets sucked into the deepest, darkest, and scariest place we know.

Dear Viewer,

Sometimes what we fear the most is right in front of us and it’s called the Abyss. My name is Chris Andrade and I am the creator of this short film. I am a filmmaker based in Florida and I study film at Full Sail University. My journey is quickly coming to an end, but I am grateful for all of the opportunities that have presented themselves here at this school. I had the chance to work on several short films and documentaries at Full Sail as a cinematographer. When I am not in class or on sets, I make little passion projects like this one. It feeds my hunger to create and it lets me showcase my art in filmmaking.

I have had my YouTube channel for about 2 years now. Starting out as a vlogger, I quickly learned that, vlogging wasn’t necessarily the route I wanted to take my channel in. I started making short concepts and bringing them to life and eventually they evolved into what my channel is now. I love to tell stories through visuals and seeing that vision come into fruition is what I do it for. It’s a beautiful thing to create, and I respect all the creators out there because creating art isn’t as easy as it seems to the rest of the world, but we do it because we love it. We obsess ourselves with it. The only healthy obsession is that obsession with our art, so please, create…

The Abyss, featuring the very talented Mileena Beltran, is about a young artist who gets sucked into the abyss. What is the abyss? The abyss, in this case, is the deepest, darkest, and scariest place we know.

Our protagonist, seen painting what is supposed to be a self-portrait, is so focused on her craft. She is so in tune with her painting that us, the audience, enter her mind. We are sucked into her reality: a dark and lonesome world. She has painted herself falling into the complete abyss, a never-ending cycle. Once, realizing she is not where she used to be she starts wandering.

She finds a mirror, symbolizing herself as her biggest fear, but drops it as she hears something calling out trying to get her attention. She goes back to her painting and realizes it is drenched in black paint. Almost voided out of existence. She tries to find somewhere safe to wrap her head around the events happening to her, but can’t seem to control it. She feels darkness surrounding her and as she doesn’t have anywhere else to turn she screams one last time and is sucked into the abyss.

This idea first came about very naturally. I met with Mileena and I knew I wanted to collaborate with her, but I didn’t know on what or how. I figured it would be easiest to come up with a concept by just getting to know her a little more so we simply started conversing. One thing led to another and I quickly latched onto an idea that would work. See, she was an amazing artist, but no one knew she was. She was always known to be a model, but no one took the time to realize that her talents were much more than on the outside. She was the purest artist I’ve ever got to work with. Seeing her work and getting to know her as the artist she is, is what inspired me to create The Abyss.

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