5 Things No One Tells You About Losing Weight


Some cautionary afterthought on physical body change that seems to get left out of every lifestyle magazine narrative.



1. It’s expensive AF.

You may be thinking about the basics. Replace manufactured snacks with protein-based foods and save up some extra cash for work out classes. Finances go beyond what’s on the dinner plate when it comes to an extreme weight loss change. What may have taken you years to create essentially the perfect closet is now washed away thanks to your skinnier a**. I’m not just talking about a different jean size (which also sucks). Think bras, underwear, swimsuits, even shoes! Although it’s quite the confidence boost seeing literal space between your stomach and that metal zipper, your bank account may cause an uproar to your current peace of mind. It takes total preparation and planned budgeting to keep up with your new shape.

The worst thought in the back of your head? The idea that you’ll gain back to your original weight meaning you would have bought these new clothes for nothing. Don’t let reverse psychology get to you, you earned these new, beautiful clothes that show off your extraordinary figure. Any investment in yourself is a financial burden worth experiencing (but on a realistic budget okay).

2. Your dating life doesn’t magically change overnight.



There seems to be this preconceived notion that if you lose the extra pounds dragging you down your love life will turn around. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve all been there, you’re looking at your naked, vulnerable self in the mirror and in your head think, if I lost 10 lbs he would totally want to f**k me. Yes, someone in your life may notice your new beam of confidence -- but do you really want to date someone that only notices the skinnier version of you when they couldn’t appreciate what was in front of them before? The point of a weight loss experience is recognizing the importance of putting yourself first. That includes the relationships you choose to put energy into. If you lost weight for the quick validation of a hot one-night stand, you’re going to feel lonelier than you ever have before. Guaranteed. Don’t let the idea of being in a relationship motivate you to look like someone you’re not. Prioritize the relationship you have with yourself first.

3. You’ll get tired of everyone’s comments.

Weight loss shows people’s true colors. Now you’re good enough because your personality wasn’t before.  These personality types in the developmental stages of adulthood start to become very recognizable, unfortunately. That doesn’t mean that the people who have always supported you won’t have something to say either. Physical appearance is the first thing we all notice when meeting someone new for the first time. It’s a natural instinct, and we can’t get mad at someone for wanting to talk about it. However, we all have our own line of discomfort. Make yours clear or get some new friends.

4. You look at body shaming in a different light.



It’s very obvious as you get older who has never had to worry about their weight, or worse, who thinks it’s the most crucial aspect of a person’s worth. That type of mindset is pathetic, shallow, and a no from me. However, I do recognize that there are people who were blessed with good genes that mean no harm. They just don’t have the empathy to understand your problems because it’s not an experience they had to overcome. There’s a huge difference, and contrary to popular belief skinny people have problems too. No one enjoys looking homeless because the smallest pants you could find are still baggy on you. Be kinder to your peers and recognize that we’re all insecure AF, some of us are just better at hiding it.

5. Being skinny isn’t the secret to being happy

I would give anything to have the power to change the way women are represented and how we perceive body fat. Unfortunately, I do not have that power and I never will. This comes from years of societal norms and cultural standards. In African history, obesity was deemed as the most superior body type because your weight proved to everyone that you had money to provide for yourself. Lucky for us, we ended up being raised on the belief that skinny celebrities were the only body type we should aspire for. So, get over your pity party and ask yourself what the real motive is behind your desperate attempt to look like Gigi or Bella Hadid.

Whatever you’re going through when it comes to your self-esteem, just keep in mind that the grass is greener where you water it. You’re always going to find a problem -- no matter how successful it might look to everyone else. That’s why if you are tired of hating yourself, the motivation needs to come from you and not because Paris Hilton had fun being a skinny legend for a moment. I promise you that you look a lot better than you think. Give yourself some credit and just take care of your body. There are a lot more important things in the world to worry about than being “thick.” ☆

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