Second Annual Meetup Follows Through with Goal of Connecting Creatives


The Meetup: A look inside the annual event connecting and celebrating creatives through social gatherings and person to person interaction, one Meet up at a time.

The Meetup created by Anthony Obas (entrepreneur and author), is an annual event that was held in the midst of the summer heat this past Sunday, July 21, where excited and eager young artists and entrepreneurs came together at The Living Gallery in Brooklyn to talk music marketing, business strategies and find new friends and collaborators. Not only was this year’s meet up a chance to hang with other attendees, it also provided a music production workshop, panel, and showcase. 

The workshop was led by Jack “Jacks” Schlosser, a producer and Syracuse University student. Jacks went step by step in taking a sample to a full song, breaking down each sound he adds and why. “It’s nice when a song takes a break from just being a song and turns into a story,” Jacks said while adding finishing touches to a beat. Between grilling hot dogs and hamburgers and mingling with reps for startups The Halo App and One28, the educational panel that included a Q&A session commenced with multidisciplinary artist Kevin Claiborne, Phaze magazine founder Neah Gray and CTO of Activated Capital Lane Campbell.

Panel topics included passion-chasing, team building, marketing strategies, and balancing creativity with business. Most of the discussion centered around self branding and social media branding, and how to showcase artists’ individuality through social media. Each panelist emphasized that no artist should compare their journey to another artist.

“It’s not meant to be easy, but it will be worth it” said Claiborne, as he answered an audience question on the struggle with comparing yourself to others. 

PHOTO: Anthony Obas /  Instagram

PHOTO: Anthony Obas / Instagram

The Meetup was sponsored by Underscore, a creative network focused on transforming the creative economy and Children of The Summer, an entertainment and management company working with up and coming artists. With Anthony Obas, Eddie Hayes and Seth Dollar at the center of creating The Meetup, this year’s event felt inviting, personal and collaborative. 

Obas also used The Meetup as an opportunity to promote the release of his new book, Shifting Your Music Into A Career: A Guide for Independent Artist to Be Full Time Artists. “The goal of the book is to have a conversation. If I’m not managing or consulting the artist, now I’m there in spirit” says Obas. “It has skits, it has funny quotes, case studies…I tried to make it as conversational as possible.” The Guide has a familiar and truthful writing style, where Obas fused his research and personal observations to make a guide that works for all artists and genres. But Obas isn’t creating for the money, it’s all for the connection.

“This is not for the money…this is for everybody to get in that person connection. If it was for the money, I would be ballin’, doing parties, but again, it’s for the people. And if they’re using the book to move forward, that’s perfect.”

Once again, The Meetup proved how it is a safe space to ask questions, make connections and learn something new, standing on the foundation of creating personal connections between artists.

Lead Image Credit: Anthony Obas / Instagram