5 NYC Influencers You Need to Know


Influencers have beem making their big marks in the social media world for a while.

Now, they are physically seen as celebrities, high-status fashion journalists, vloggers, and makeup artists. At fashion shows, they sit front row and document every step. On trips, they document each second of memories to share with their audience. Behind the scenes, they give subscribers and followers the rundown on beauty, makeup, fashion, and their daily schedules. Here are 5 NYC influencers you need to know:

(1) Sai De Silva of @scoutthecity

This style, beauty, and travel influencer has certainly made her mark. Her audience is above 300,000 followers. Her chic website is for anyone who loves an aesthetic feed and matching Instagram-to-blog vibes. She vlogs about her daily meals, her adorable kids, beauty tutorials, and her best travel adventures.

WHY FOLLOW: Her Instagram is epic, featuring images of outfits, cars, and her adorable kids. If you're a neutral-lover, you will find her blog and feed beyond enjoyable.

(2) Jeanne Grey of @thegreylayers

How can you not follow this girl boss? Jeanne's influence is extremely present in her Instagram posts. She is the founder of FROM THE LABEL with over 15,000 followers on her label's Instagram. You can clearly see that Jeanne is a spiritual fashionista and her trips look almost too good to be true! From Austria to Marrakech, Jeanne is traveling the world and taking all her followers for the ride.

WHY FOLLOW: Calling all wanderlusters! If you are obsessed with travel and/or wanting to start your own travel blog, take a note from The Grey Layers. She is making her blog a business.

(3) Emily Luciano @emily_luciano

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My favorite color is cheetah print 🍂🐾

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Are you ready for this? Emily Luciano is the master editor. Emily has more than 360,000 followers who must be dying over her Instagram feed. She is quite the professional. Emily even sets her presets online to helps those who need it.

She is a style influencer with a skill of capturing her own vision within her brand. A follower can shop her weekly purchases, fall flower arrangements, and her "10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials." Who wouldn't take a dive into her blog?

WHY FOLLOW: Her Instagram has a great aesthetic which is perfect to derive inspiration from. If you are looking for a way to step up your feed, this is your girl!

(4) Michelle of @cremedemichelle

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You told that joke before

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We all love a high-fashion girl! Michelle attends NYFW and travels to Italy, Paris, and Amsterdam to name a few. Her black-and-white outfits give us #fashiongoals from the streets of NYC to the cafes of Paris. She is chic. She is edgy. She is meant to be followed.

Michelle's travels to Bali and London in her latest blog posts have me almost packing my suitcase. Every photo is completely effortless. She even has a "Lust List" on her blog, capturing her current obsessions.

WHY FOLLOW: She is an upcoming high-fashion girl. If you are intrigued by NYFW as much as I am, definitely give her a follow.

(5) Jourdan Sloane of THELIMITDOESNOTEXIST @jourdansloane

This city girl is not slowing down anytime soon. Her images on her Instagram show us her daily stance: on-the-go. She is a businesswoman ready to take on the world. You can see that within her many #ootds. She also shares her skincare secrets and her music tastes with her followers.

Jourdan's blog has an eye for the big city. She also created a How-To Instagram Guide called “The Grid” for her followers. Her edgy, dowtown style is not to be missed, and her blog will help guide any shopping choices for her audience to follow.

WHY FOLLOW: New to New York City? Jourdan is based in the city and recommends shopping choices within city limits. Trying to plan your next OOTD? You can purchase Jourdan's style directly from her feed.

All of these influencers hold something unique which gives them their status in the social media world. Whether you're a traveler or fashionista, one of these will be sure to spice up your feed.

Lead Image Credit: Jourdan Sloane / Instagram