Glossier: A Breakdown of the Brand and Its Best Products

By Ana Kucinski

Within the last year you may have noticed a shift in makeup trends, from heavy eyeshadows and bold lips to a more natural alternative. If you live in New York or Los Angeles you’ve probably seen a ton of Instagram stories in front of pink bathroom sinks and a mirror that reads, “You look good.” This is because of a makeup company loved by models, YouTubers, and the everyday consumer alike: Glossier.

Founded by Emily Weiss (you may recall her debut on The Hills as the super intern), Glossier is a makeup company committed to skincare and highlighting natural beauty. The company is based off inspiration from Emily’s blog, "Into the Gloss" and has grow widely in popularity within the last two years. Glossier is a marketing genius from its unique packaging to its dazzling showrooms perfect for Instagram feeds. The element of exclusivity also adds to the allure of Glossier, since its products can only be purchased online or in its two showrooms -- one in L.A. and the other in NYC.

PHOTO: L'adn Beauty /  Instagram

PHOTO: L'adn Beauty / Instagram

But it's not just all hype. The brand’s products are beautiful and user-friendly. Another upside is that all of the products are cruelty-free and most are vegan. Glossier is all about the natural makeup look that is trending. For that reason a lot of the products are light coverage and may not seem worth the price tag. Almost any of its skin care products, including the Priming Moisturizer Rich, Milk Jelly Cleanser, or any of the serums are must-haves. While these skin care products won't fight major breakouts, they do improve the texture and brightness of your skin while leaving it super moisturized. One of my favorite skin care products is the Invisible Shield Sunscreen. I add a layer to my everyday skin care routine after moisturizer to protect against sun rays. It is super lightweight and long lasting.

PHOTO: Glossier /  Instagram

PHOTO: Glossier / Instagram

When it comes to Glossier makeup, I may skip out on foundation and concealer because its products do not provide much coverage. I do enjoy using the Perfecting Skin Tint, but more as a lightly tinted moisturizer rather than a foundation. It is easy to apply and my complexion appears more after application -- it is almost like a blur of imperfections. The Haloscope Highlighter is also light coverage, but helps in achieving a dewy finish. 

Some of my favorite makeup products from Glossier are the Boy Brow Grooming Pomade and the Lidstar Eye Glow. As someone with thick eyebrows who loves the bushy boy look, the Boy Brow is great for tinting, thickening, sculpting, and keeping brows in place. Fair warning, this product is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. The Lidstar has made getting ready a million times easier which makes it the perfect product for the lazy makeup user. This eyeshadow applies to the lid like a lipgloss and can be blended in with your finger. All shades have a shimmer, as well. Hopefully, Glossier will dish out more shades and different finishes of the Lidstar ASAP.

PHOTO: Gabrielle Rizzo /  Instagram

PHOTO: Gabrielle Rizzo / Instagram

Glossier has revolutionized the makeup industry by creating makeup that puts skin care first. The brand also heavily considers the well-being of the consumer by offering a subscription option for its products. Products are automatically reshipped after the recommended time period for use of the product. This is truly innovative and another way Glossier considers the convenience of its customers. Considering all that, Glossier does aim to make the concept and use of makeup simple and easy, while still being an effective product. The most compelling part of Glossier, though, is the way it has created an experience along with its products. With the marketing tactics of subscriptions, aesthetically pleasing packaging, and aforementioned showrooms, customers will forever remember their interactions with the brand. Because of these experiences, Glossier is here to stay and will not just fizzle out as a fad.

Lead Image Credit: Coco Baudelle / Instagram

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