Mother Nature Is Calling: These Are 5 Hygiene Subscription Boxes Every Woman Should Know



The topic of your period is not a popular one when it comes to pop culture, social media platforms, or even daily discussion. It has obtained a negative connotation -- a stigma, if you will. Yet, this is a natural part of human biology for women and should garner great attention. Women's bodies are extremely beautiful creations and the things that occur to these bodies are natural. Unfortunately, the negative view on the topic of menstruation has been ingrained into society for many years now, almost to the point that it seems taboo.

Within recent years, though, there has been a shift of power dynamics in the public sphere. Female voices and power have become a lot more dominant and the discussion of the female experience is widely becoming more accepted. Although there is much more work to be done when it comes to equality as an overall effort, more female-dominated businesses have started to focus their markets on female health and biology. This is fantastic for women because it makes the experience less painful and more liberating.

The same companies are also acting to give back to the community, whether through charity or bringing attention to the issues surrounding female-based hygiene products. These issues include tax on feminine products such as pads, tampons, and certain medications that should not apply because these are items of necessity and health. No matter what race, sexuality, size, shape or other intersectional relation you belong to, almost all women can identify with a need for these products. Therefore, these companies are working together to create a space in which they provide an essential product, as well as products that are environmentally health conscious, without all the fuss that mainstream brands often bring.

As a result, turning this often inconvenient time of the month into a more positive experience is a possibility, and an easy one at that! What better way to treat yourself than shopping for useful and economically sound products?

Here are 5 feminine hygiene subscription boxes to make your menstruation a more positive time. These boxes are not limited to just pads and tampons, but body care products as well.


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Cora provides subscription boxes for pads, bladder pads, applicator tampons, and non-applicator tampons with a wide variety of products, choices of absorbency, and monthly plans to fit everyone's individual needs. It's clear that Cora has thought of all the options. Cora delivers in advance so you are well-stocked. My favorite part about this subscription box is the branding and packaging. I like the fact that the company opted for a black and white palette rather than the typical choice of pink (that most companies choose when branding women's products). Cora also provides a black, vegan leather clutch to store tampons or pads in during the day, for optional secrecy. The sleek packaging is very on-trend and adds a luxe touch to your time of the month.


$8-$16. Ranges from six products all the way to 24 products every month. The price each month ranges depending on product and how many pieces in each box.


This company not only has amazing products, they also focus on many social justice movements and dedicate their time to giving back to various causes. They focus on giving back to girls in India and Kenya who cannot afford menstrual supplies. They also help these women stay in school after they enter into their years of puberty, which is often difficult to do. They associate with foundations such as HeForShe, Girl Up, and Zana Africa. In addition, with every Cora purchase, the company gives pads away to a girl in need. Lastly, Cora helps to employ women in the U.S who have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault.


PHOTO: This Organic Girl

PHOTO: This Organic Girl

Kali offers organic, chemical-free tampons and pads in a subscription box. First off, Kali's website is extremely easy to navigate. They have videos which explain the motives behind creating their products. This company has been featured in Allure, Bustle, Seventeen, Well + Good, Fast Company, and Teen Vogue. Their packaging is appealing with light, peachy pink tops and gold leafing, as well as simple white and black packaging. The shipping box is just as beautiful, with blue leaf detailing inside. For Kali, presentation is key.

The steps are really simple when selecting products. There are choices between monthly or bimonthly delivery and even a choice of the box in which you wish products to be sent in. The great thing about these particular boxes is that they go beyond tampons or pads alone to incorporate into your subscription. Kali gives you the option of choosing a box mixed with liners, wipers, pampering products, and so on. The last step is picking your absorbency. Kali really pays attention to customer needs by providing an array of options for different products. This is something that is quite special and appeals to me as a shopper.

In terms of shipping, your first box ships out 2-3 days after ordering and every box that follows will be shipped out the first of each month.


A box can cost anywhere from $16 - $22.89 a month, depending on your program and products. Shipping is free.


Chemical-free tampons with organic materials used for both tampons and pads. These products are free from dioxin or chlorine bleach, which are not only safer for vaginal health, but more environmentally friendly too. Kali products are free from synthetic fibers, dyes, or fragrances that are harmful or cause irritation to the body. If you are really interested about reading up on topics of health and wellness, sex & love, feminism, period talk, travel and much more, Kali also has a blog worth checking out.


PHOTO: Homestead Waves / Instagram

PHOTO: Homestead Waves / Instagram

This box differs from the rest on the list since it focuses on exterior maintenance rather than female menstruation. Billie is a female first based company which provides a subscription box made up of razors and body care products, specifically designed for women. Their goal is to make the shaving process more affordable and enjoyable. The website is easy to navigate, the products are bright, sleek, and minimal. Body care products are even made with natural ingredients. Another plus, the process of selecting subscription box choices is very easy! It is organized into four steps:

1. Choose the color of your handle, which includes coral, periwinkle, cool blue, or Billie blush.

2. Choose your program in which you want and when you want your products to arrive (every month, every 2 months, or every three months).

3. Pick optional body care products (The Shave Cream, Sudsy Body Wash, Dry-Bye Body Lotion).

Though Billie is not a menstruation-oriented company, it is equally as innovative.


The starter kit includes Billie handles, the mag(net)ic holder, and two 5-blade cartridges. All for $9 & free shipping! You can choose the option for every 1- 3 month delivery.

Additional Products: (The Shave Cream $8, Sudsy Body Wash $9, or Dry-Bye Lotion $12)


Billie was designed with females in mind as they have dedicated their company to creating a cheaper alternative to the female razor. They also express their concern for government taxes on female products, so they offer the option of a "pink tax rebate," which is done through a referral program. The basis of the referral program is for every friend that signs up with the company and purchases a box, you get tax money rebate up to $20. In addition, their body care products are not tested on animals and are free of harmful chemicals, such as parabens, synthetic fragrances, and sulphates.


Formerly known as Ellebox, renamed and rebranded as Blume, this company focuses on womanhood, sisterhood, and the emotional aspects beyond a period. Blume's website is very appealing, especially to the millennial generation. The colors of the site are very much on trend, it is super easy to navigate, and visually dominant. There is even a guide called Know Your Flow - A Guide to Your First Period, which encourages young girls to embrace their body and be prepared for their first period experience.

Keeping with the look of the brand, the aesthetic of Blume is simple and modern. The boxes that the products are shipped in are a lovely peachy pink with grey block lettering. Blume sets itself apart from other subscription boxes because it allows you to customize your box not only with pads and tampons, but with other pampering feminine products. This is definitely a nice addition.

The pampering products range from face wash, blemish treatments, chocolate, essential oils and much more. While simple, this option adds to the excitement of shopping and allows for you to look forward to a little something extra to try during your strenuous period days.


Starts at $11 dollars a month.


Blume creates safe, sustainable products that are not harmful to your body or the environment while emphasizing the importance of womanhood. Their products are 100% chemical-free, use 100% premium organic cotton, and are also made to be biodegradable and hypoallergenic. They are BPA-free, which is safer than traditional feminine products, and even FDA approved. Blume also gives back to a charity called Days for Girls, which helps girls obtain access to menstrual products and education.


PHOTO:  Pinterest

PHOTO: Pinterest

Now if pads and tampons are not your thing, Flex is a great option for you to try something different. Flex is a disposable menstrual disc, which advertises to be more comfortable than other forms of menstrual products. Flex's packaging is very artistic with a white box and lovely gold leafing of the brand in a flowy design. In every box, you will receive 16 Flex discs, which is meant to last you two months. You can also opt for a 3-month supply. The discs are known to be comfortable as it shapes to your particular body and lasts for a long time. It also claims to last up to twelve hours, reduces cramps in majority of its users, and is "mess free" when it comes to period sex.


For your first box of 16 discs it costs $15 dollars, for a 3-month supply, $45.


Flex accumalates 60% less waste than an average tampon or pad and does not contain the harmful chemicals that are within regular tampons and pads that can be detrimental to the body. Unlike most of the products on the list, Flex delivers to the U.K.

Evidentially, there are so many different types of period or feminine hygiene boxes on the market, your options should never be limited. Everyone is different and has different needs and I hope this list can provide for those.

Hopefully, after visiting some of these sites along with purchasing you will also have the confidence to speak out about your period and menstruation without embarrassment. The time of the month should not be looked at as painful or inconvenient, but rather viewed as a way to have extra time to pamper yourself!

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