A. Human Launches New Body Modification Line


"When you can change your body like you change your clothes, does your appearance lose all meaning or does it mean everything?" This is one of the many questions that A. Human poses with its new body modification line. As a new fashion brand on the horizon, A. Human is breaking barriers for what it means to reimagine our bodies with innovative and fascinating designs.

PHOTO: Kim Kardashian /  Instagram

PHOTO: Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Fashion is a form of art and A. Human has created a futuristic way of seeing our bodies in a new light with a rather artistic touch. The attention to detail that A. Human incorporates into its design is phenomenal for the way it makes the modifications appear real when they are, in fact, fake. It is almost like A. Human exhibits the fusion of art and science with its new line. The enhancement of fashion with the faux body modifications makes a person wonder if fashion could be more than putting an article of clothing on?

You may have seen Chrissy Teigen or Kim Kardashian wearing these body modifications. Yes, that's right, body modifications are being introduced into the fashion world and celebrities are wearing them. Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram stories to debut a choker necklace that moves in sync with her heartbeat. Chrissy Teigen was gifted a feather vest from A. Human which appears to be sprouting out of her chest.

A.Human also featured Isamaya Ffrench, Andreja Pejic, and Queer Eye's Tan France to debut additional body modification pieces.

Besides intricate and scaly necklaces, the brand will also feature accessories from "biological heels" that look as if they are implanted into the foot, crystalized shoulder pads, and even a veiny corset. 

So, what's with all the alien-like accessories? Well, this interactive experience was designed by Simon Huck. Huck owns a public relations firm in New York City, but isn't afraid to show how excited he is for the new world he has built with the A. Human brand.

Huck said to Nylon Magazine that the brand is "designed to be accessible and affordable to all." He also stated that pieces are "for everybody, regardless of age, gender, race, size, disability, or other traits."

With the strong encouragement and influence from celebrities, it seems we will see more of this unusual look during New York Fashion Week. Guests will have the opportunity to try on pieces from the collection, however, they cannot purchase anything just yet. The faux modifications will be available in Spring/Summer '19.

The question remains, however, can we consider this fashion trend while being true to our natural, human selves? We are constantly told by society to love ourselves, but then brands like A. Human come out and tell us we can be better by altering our bodies, even if temporarily. On the other hand, should we view A. Human's approach to beauty as a different, enhanced act of self-love? No matter what side of the spectrum you are on, it's seems as though, A. Human may be using the best parts of our advancements to push fashion into the future.

If you want to see these pieces for yourself, the A. Human exhibit will debut on September 5 at 48 Mercer Street and will run through September 30. Tickets cost $40 per person and are available now at ahumanbody.com.  

Lead Image Credit: Kim Kardashian / Instagram