Glossier Amps Up Its Beauty Game with Intentionally Inclusive Shades


Glossier, the makeup brand established by the mantra “skin first, makeup second,” is changing.

PHOTO: Glossier

PHOTO: Glossier

Queens of glowy skin, Tracie Ellis Ross and Chrissy Teigen, have sworn by Glossier’s dewy foundations and skin care essentials in the past, however, customers and beauty bloggers such as GlossierBrown’s Instagram page, have questioned the lack of complexion range and variety in Glossier’s praised products. After a year of comprehensive research, the brand has responded; Glossier has redesigned its makeup line to have 12 unique shades.  

“Glossier was founded on the fact that beauty isn’t made in a boardroom — it happens when the individual is celebrated,” says Glossier on its website.

By Glossier now including 12 shades of Perfecting Skin Tint, 12 shades of Stretch Concealer, and 5 shades of Wowder, the brand is truly honoring its own mission. The conscious act of reevaluating its products and researching customer feedback shows that Glossier’s team understands the importance of catering to a wider demographic.

"While the sheer coverage of our formulas makes them more flexible than traditional complexion products, we knew that there were gaps that needed to be filled," expressed Kym Davis, head of product development, in an interview with

The shades range from G1- G12, starting with G1 as the darkest shade, an atypical choice made by the millennial favorite. Traditionally, makeup brands tend to range their shades from lightest to darkest, which in some ways can be suggestive to being placed last, or at the bottom. Women of color have struggled to search for their perfect shade, often buying multiple colors to find the right match. Instead, Glossier projects that being Black is beautiful, and is intentional about its shade placement choice.

With darker women at the forefront of this campaign, Glossier is taking a step towards making the beauty world one that is more inclusive. The brand’s lightweight formula makes for products that are compatible to a wide range of skin types and tones and is offered across many platforms.

Glossier’s release hopes to allow for a smoother beauty routine for women of color and is listening to its customers needs. On the brand’s website, Glossier has even included a tool to allow for easier shade matching. Models, both men and women, are categorized by rich, deep, medium, and light.

Makeup brands like Fenty Beauty, and now Glossier, are realizing the imperative notion to cater to a growing necessity: inclusiveness. Adding shades is only a step, but Glossier’s mission to “celebrate the individual” is definitely advancing.

Lead Image Credit: Glossier / Instagram