Trend Report: Are Biker Shorts "The Short" of 2019?


Made popular by the likes of the Kardashian-Jenners & Hadid sisters, biker shorts were the shorts of the summer last year. Other 2018 trends, such as neon green, have already proven to be just as popular this year, but will biker shorts be able to withstand the test of trends and make their way into 2019’s street style? Here’s what we’re seeing so far from the runway and retailers.

PHOTO: Normani /  Instagram

PHOTO: Normani / Instagram

Biker shorts were seen widely throughout the fashion industry this past September for Spring 2019 runway shows like Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh, as shared on, so they definitely seem to be making a reappearance this year along with some other 2019 trends such as tie dye, boiler suits, and monochrome looks. Biker shorts, or shorts reminiscent of them, were most recently seen at the Elsa Schiaparelli Spring 2019  Couture show paired with a black, colorfully embellished jacket, a matching clutch, a black shirt-dress with tulle underneath, and dark brown, lace up, pointed toe heels.

PHOTO: Alessandro Lucioni / (Schiaparelli Spring 2019 Haute Couture show)

PHOTO: Alessandro Lucioni / (Schiaparelli Spring 2019 Haute Couture show)

As for retailers, a recent article shares that stores such as Zara, H&M, and Mango are already jumping onto the trend with some twists in style and name. -- who uses the more traditional label of “cycling shorts” -- styled this regular pair of shorts with pleats, structure and belt loops, making the trend more wearable for a variety of occasions.

Mango also recently did a feature on its Instagram story, as well as on its feed, where the brand showcased three different ways to wear cycling shorts throughout the day, with three of the different pairs that they offer, utilizing the ‘swipe up’ feature on stories and the ‘shop now’ feature that Instagram offers for brands to use where followers can see the price of each linked piece and be able to shop the look through the social media platform.

With a variety of shorts available on the market, from color and material to styles and price points, I think it’s safe to say that biker shorts are here to stay. This is just the start of 2019, so there’s still a lot of time to see how the popular cycling shorts are taken to the next level in regard to design and styling. However, matching sets with biker shorts in monochrome or neutral colors (like Normani’s) are also a trend for 2019 that we’ll be seeing a lot more of this year.

Lead Image Credit: Kim Kardashian / Instagram