Andie: A New Swimwear Brand for All Body Types


Andie is changing the way women shop for swimwear, literally. Offering several different styles of one piece suits and bikini sets, Andie strives to make not only a quality swimsuit, but also a quality experience in shopping for one.

PHOTO: Ella Halikas /  Instagram

PHOTO: Ella Halikas / Instagram

The swimwear brand that’s growing in popularity uses a shopping method where women can purchase swimsuits online and try them on at home (don’t worry — they offer free shipping, returns, and unlimited exchanges). Based in the Garment District in New York City, Andie’s team of nine employees — which was founded and is currently being led by women— focuses on the fit and quality of each swimsuit in order to produce the best product possible for their customers. Bikini tops range from $50-$65, bottoms from $45-$50, and one piece suits ranging from $95-$115. From these price points, it’s clear that Andie made a conscious effort to have their prices be somewhat affordable for the quality they’re producing.

Featuring a 12 question “Fit Quiz” on their website and offering a variety of sizes to choose from (the current sizes range from XS to XXXL), Andie is the new swimwear brand for all body types. Taking into account the input of thousands of women, as shared on their website, Andie is an advocate for inclusive swimwear for all women’s bodies.

Body diversity (and inclusivity) is an important topic coming to light in the fashion industry right now. Aside from the typical aspects of the industry relating to largely unattainable body standards, social media (specifically Instagram) has pushed both the negative and positive aspects to a broader scope. In the age of Instagram models flooding our summer feeds with bikini shots, Andie is adding women of varying body types to the Instagram summer swimwear invasion, which is much needed.

At the end of the day, you want to feel confident in what you’re wearing, and this is especially true for swimwear. With Andie coming onto the scene, we can enjoy our time in the sun and warm weather while both looking (and more importantly, feeling) our best in our swimsuits. If you’re interested in Andie swimwear, you can shop their suits here.

Lead Image Credit: Ella Halikas / Instagram