7 Phluid Project Pieces to Rock at World Pride 2019


Pride Month originates from the Stonewall Riots of 1969 — a historical liberation of the gay community that attributed to the chaotic summer. Commemorating the first acts of resistance against police raids at the famous Stonewall Inn, a bar in Greenwich Village, Stonewall represents the voices who fought for equality and representation in a society that criminalized LGBTQIA+ individuals and harshly disrespected their rights on a daily basis. 

PHOTO: The Phluid Project /  Instagram

PHOTO: The Phluid Project / Instagram

Since the riots, the month of June has become a celebration of living life with intention, authenticity, and pride. Although members of the community still face major adversities, we celebrate their perseverance and strength to live and speak their truth. Pride Month also stands to remember the many who were persecuted while concurrently reaching for a widespread growth of acceptance. Gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, intersex, non-binary, queer, we all matter. Pride is a celebration of love, not only the freedom we have to choose who we want to love and for one another as a community, but the love we have for ourselves.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, and the annual Pride Parade in NYC is going to be even gayer and the most spectacular yet. An important component of queer identity is expression through style, and pride is a day to be loud. That’s why we’ve collected the top looks from The Phluid Project to rock this year for pride. The Phluid Project is the first brand to create genderless clothing to a mass audience. Donating 10% of all proceeds to the Pride Organization, The Phluid Project’s World Pride 2019 Collection showcases their partnerships with influential brands like FILA, Champion, Levi’s, and others. Below are some of our favorite collabs! (Pro tip: you can buy online and pick up any of these items in store at The Phluid Project’s store in NoHo.)

(1) FILA X PHLUID: Disruptor II Pride

Need the perfect strutting sneaks, but still want to be on theme? These FILA X Phluid Disruptors are cushy and classic, to give you support for a whole day of marching and a night of partying. Their translucent, yet colorful accents give just the right amount of pop. FILA is proud to support the Stonewall Community Foundation and provide inclusive fashion for all.

(2) Stonewall 50 Mesh Crossbody Fanny Pack

Phone, check. Keys, check. Glitter, check. The Stonewall 50 Mesh Crossbody Fanny Pack is practical, fashion forward, and will hold all of your pride essentials. Offered in white, red, navy, pink, and black, this fanny pack features the 50th anniversary logo and can be matched with pretty much everything! 


The best way to make a statement is to wear it across your neck. Luckily, ISLY NYC has designed a beautiful collection of pride accessories to flash. From Trans Flag Earrings to a plated “They Power” Necklace, these pieces are not only made for everyone, but are locally sourced and handmade in Brooklyn!


Taking it back to the original trailblazer, this tee celebrates the achievements of gay liberation and AIDS activist, Marsha P. Johnson who was a notable figure during the Stonewall Riots. Perfect for the occasion of Stonewall 50, this tee sheds light upon her revolutionary impact for not only the community, but for black trans women specifically. By wearing “Power To The People” proudly, Johnson message will continue to transcend for decades to come.

(5) stonewall bandana

The best part of this pride bandana is it’s extremely versatile. Whether you choose to wear it around your neck, out of your back pocket, around your head, or holding it up as a mini sign, wear it boldly and proudly!

(6) travis oestreich caftans

PHOTO: The Phluid Project /  Instagram

PHOTO: The Phluid Project / Instagram

Travis Oestreich describes his caftans to be “gender neutral styles that evoke fun and fierceness,” as per his IG bio. With ample room to dance, these flowy pieces are an easy way to combine comfort and glam. Plus, with every purchase Travis Oestreich will donate half of all proceeds to the Brooklyn Community Pride Center!

(7) rainbow MATCHING SET

PHOTO: Frankie James Grande /  Instagram

PHOTO: Frankie James Grande / Instagram

Designed by icon Frankie Grande himself, this matching rainbow sequin tank and short set was made for everyone. Because like the idea behind this set, pride goes beyond gender, sexual orientation, or race — it is a celebration for everyone.  

So, be you, be creative, be weird, be queer, be whatever YOU want to be. Pride is your month — so the biggest fashion statement to make this year is to show up as yourself.

Lead Image Credit: The Phluid Project / Instagram