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We're always looking for creative contributors to bring us fresh and new ideas. To apply for a position or internship please send a resume and cover letter to Please submit writing samples or links for Content Contributor position.


Content Contributor (Writing/Photo/Video)

BLENDED is looking for talented content contributors interested in either written, photo, or video mediums of creation. This individual should understand the BLENDED brand and be able to contribute innovative pitches and content for publication. We are looking for an individual that has an intense passion for their medium, a drive to actively pursue journalism, photography, or videography professionally is a plus. Still, an individual should be especially confident in their abilities before pitching and creating. Duties include: pitching to our senior editor, reaching out to artists and brands for coverage, completing pitches in a timely fashion, and communicating with the editorial team effectively.

Social Media Content Creator

BLENDED is looking for a savvy content creator with the ability to be concurrently witty and professional on our Twitter or Instagram account. This individual should be well-versed in how to not only post, but do so effectively with engagement goals in mind. We are looking for a content creator that understands the culture in relation to BLENDED’s published content and prior knowledge of local events, scenes, and trends. Duties include: tweeting/posting a minimum of 3 times daily, keeping up with relevant news, maintaining a professional online presence, data analytics, and elevating BLENDED’s social media presence via Twitter or Instagram. Please state in your cover letter which social media platform you are applying to work with.

Event Specialist

BLENDED is looking for a lively and organized individual to help research and coordinate our unique events across New York City. Besides the crucial aforementioned traits, this individual also needs to be in close proximity to New York to perform duties. Duties include: generating event ideas, conducting event space evaluations, meeting with potential artists/sponsors, formulating event agenda(s), researching brand and event development, and managing event materials and props.

BLENDED Ambassador Program

BLENDED is looking for fun and engaging individuals who understand the vision of BLENDED’s events to aid in promoting, executing, and facilitating BLENDED events. This individual should also be in close proximity to New York and is ready to engage in hands-on tasks. Duties include: creating a safe, welcoming space for BLENDED event guests, providing assistance to guests, sharing BLENDED merch such as stickers, pins, etc., answering questions about the BLENDED brand, and ensuring events are both enjoyable and running smoothly for all guests in attendance.


BLENDED is looking for summer interns! Please specify the department in which you are interested in and confirm whether you are eligible to receive school credit for this internship. If you are not eligible to receive school credit, you can still apply. Departments include: Editorial, Business Development, Art and Design, Public Relations, and Social Media.