Local Mic: Kira Metcalf


Kira Metcalf, a New York-based musician, has a sound that is an unexpected mixture of grunge, folk and jazz, with influences ranging from Mitski to Fiona Apple to Fleet Foxes. Her newest project, set to be released in 2018, is both self-reflective and sincere. Kira is also a poet and nature enthusiast currently living in Brooklyn with her cat, Blue. 

Metcalf's song "Comet" is a matter-of-fact, hard hitting acoustic track. With use of lyrics like: "Oh, your pretty mouth can be so mean // Oh, your pretty mouth can slice me clean" she is able to grab the listener by the heart, making it clear as to exactly what emotions and feelings she is trying to convey in the song. She follows the verse with: "That's a side that no one sees // That's a side you save for me."

In "Comet," Kira Metcalf's vocals range from quiet, somber sounds to bright, resounding tones, which aid in emphasizing her serious lyrics. She elegantly decorates the song by humming in between verses, and complements her vocals with effortless and enchanting acoustic guitar work throughout the track.

Metcalf is an artist who has the ability to successfully translate emotion into her lyrics, and not just blandly perform them. Her performance in the acoustic video of "Comet" showcases this ability, capturing her talent and who she is perfectly. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for Kira Metcalf’s upcoming new EP, featuring her song "Comet." You can find more of Metcalf’s music on streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

Music video directed by Dave Fitz of Genmotion.

Lead Image Credit: Kira Metcalf / Instagram