Blackbear Is Taking Over the Music Scene One (Sad) Party Song at a Time


Chances are you’ve heard a few of Blackbear’s catchy songs, but failed to recognize his name. As of late, Blackbear is the mastermind behind clever radio hit “Do Re Mi," but the R&B artist has been making his mark on the music scene since 2011 when he decided to turn away from the pop/rock scene and create his own music under a one of a kind stage name.

Born Matthew Tyler Musto, Blackbear is a Florida native and LA-based artist who has an incredible talent when it comes to anything relevant to music -- evidential in his overall success. Since his venture into the R&B, hip-hop, and pop worlds, Blackbear has worked with key artists who are taking over the industry in their own ways, such as 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, G-Eazy, Hoodie Allen, Mike Posner, Machine Gun Kelly, and Childish Gambino, just to name a few. Blackbear even co-wrote and produced Justin Bieber’s 2012 hit “Boyfriend.” Though many people may not be aware of his extensive collaborations and production work, these are all opportunities which have paved the way for Blackbear’s own takeover through his captivating music.

Much of Blackbear’s success can be attributed to the different spin he takes on when it comes to his sound. His music cannot be categorized into a single genre, as it consistently bleeds into R&B, hip-hop, and pop all within one song. Blackbear takes the future of music to the next level by incorporating electronic, galactic sounds and contrasting them with heavy piano elements or soft guitar work. Though that sounds like a weird party –- it works fairly well, especially on his sonically explosive 2017 full length album, digital druglord. The odd pairing usually has an addictive beat behind it all, which makes his songs perfectly curated for a party. Actually, most of Blackbear’s songs sound like they were written to dance to at a party, while being sad concurrently.

PHOTO: Blackbear /  Instagram

PHOTO: Blackbear / Instagram

A true millennial: Blackbear elevates his mediocre voice in his songs with just a touch of autotune. It works extremely well as he does not saturate his songs with it, but rather adds enough to nicely complement the futuristic tones. Blackbear’s mix of musical elements along with his perfect level of autotune results in a pleasing peculiarity that differs largely from everything else going on in the music scene. It is as if he knows what’s to come before it’s even here.

Blackbear’s true strength and originality lies in his vulnerable lyrics. Even though most of his songs are set for a party (and even revolve around the topic) his lyrics make it seem as if he is depressed at most of these parties he sings about. The insecurities Blackbear reveals in his lyrics about the party scene, life, and relationships mark another characteristic which defines his unique artistry. In a song appropriately named “hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone,” Blackbear confesses, “I swear to God if the alcohol and drugs don’t kill me, I don’t know what will, other than you.”

PHOTO: Blackbear /  Instagram

PHOTO: Blackbear / Instagram

Though his lyrics evoke a troubling bit of darkness, they also show Blackbear’s self-awareness as a musician and product of LA party culture, another oddity for an artist of the time. Blackbear’s most powerful lyrical moments are not limited to his sensitive ones; the clever things he has to say about his exes are also notable. In his 2017 hit “Do Re Mi” Blackbear sings “Do re mi, I’m so fa-**ing done with ya,” a nice play-on words which are sure to sting his ex-girlfriends.

With his musical knowledge and a prowess for production, Blackbear is aware of the fact that many people may know his music, but not the face behind it. Even so, Blackbear showcases outstanding artistry which has proven to be remarkably successful in the last six years. At 27-years-old with his name peeking at the top of the music charts, Blackbear still has so much more greatness to achieve. You won’t be hearing the last of him, or his crazy good music, anytime soon. Be sure to check out his latest masterpiece cybersex.

Lead Image Credit: Blackbear / Instagram