Blended Bands Together with Unruly Collective to Participate in a Night of Pure Talent


Although the beloved city was hit with an unexpected snowstorm, the unfortunate weather did not stop music and art lovers from attending Unruly Collective's fourth Art Burst, featuring Blended Magazine.

On December 15th, many traveled to the artsy, cozy brownstone in Bushwick to witness pure talent with their very own eyes. Unruly Collective, a community dedicated to supporting artistic individuals and artists alike and creating a space for talent to come alive, invited Blended Magazine to participate in the fun, known as Art Burst. It was a night full of music, dance, spoken word, and a bunch of art forms that could not compare to any other experience. It was a night of sharing passion, love, and creativity with both friends and complete strangers.

From 7 to 11pm, an immaculate lineup of artists performed, including Blended's very own Brett Miller and MANDALA. Miller, a Musical Theater student and professional dancer for over ten years, performed a striking and witty dance number to "I Won't Dance" by Fred Astaire (Step Up 3 remix). Dressed for a black and white affair, Miller engaged the audience with interpretative instrument playing and intricate step movement. Despite a space challenge, Miller owned the dance floor and heightened the spirits of the crowd as the night was just getting started.

Following Miller's festive performance, the audience joined MANDALA in the living room for a sweet, acoustic set. The Connecticut band previously performed at the Blended Launch Party back in October. Vocalist Morgan Fasanelli, rhythm guitarist Abe Azab, lead guitarist Chris Desiderio, bassist Matt Rosano, and drummer Sean Connelly channeled serious indie rocker vibes making the crowd dance and sing to every song. The band performed classics along with some newly trending songs from their latest album, Cash For Smiles. Let's just say the MANDALA effect was soaring throughout the night.

A special thanks to Unruly and Artery.

Blended StaffTeam Blended