Drake Drops New Sinister Singles on 'Scary Hours' EP


Once again, the self-proclaimed Six God has blessed us with new music. This past Friday, January 19th, Drake prematurely released "God’s Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity" on an EP entitled Scary Hours. It was a pleasant surprise for fans since Drake said he would be taking a step away from music after he dropped full length album More Life last spring. But for someone with such an apt for creating legendary rap music, stepping away from the craft proves to be difficult with these new tracks.

PHOTO: Theo Skudra /  Instagram

PHOTO: Theo Skudra / Instagram

In the new year, Drake brought new music but did not stray from his beloved signature sound, especially on "God’s Plan." Instead, Drake abandons the Carribean-esque tones of recent releases which, admittedly, all started to sound like a continuation of 2016’s hit "Controlla." On "God’s Plan," Drake takes a much needed step backwards into the style of music which aided in his rap world domination. Throughout the song, "God’s Plan" feels reminiscent of 2015’s mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, but in the best way possible.

Back is the big production, daunting yet distant loops perfect for play at an NBA warm-up. Alongside the loop sits a sleek, moderate beat custom to Drake which all comes together to create a simple and thrilling song bound to rack up radio plays quickly. As typical of Drake, the songs most notable part is the moment which the exhilaration of the daunting loops briefly stop and let Drake spew: "She said ‘do you love me?' / I tell her ‘only partly' / I only love my bed and my mama, I’m sorry" -- a genius line. This one lyric sums up the subject of the song pretty nicely.

In "God’s Plan," Drake may be reverting to old sounds but, lyrically, he raps about the future he envisions for himself which involves keeping away from any potential negativity -- whether it be toxic people or nasty critics. However, Drake is placing his faith for the positive future in God, who he knows will not let him fail. With such a bright outlook and perfectly crafted beats, the song marks another successful single for Drake to put under his belt and for fans to loudly rap along to.

PHOTO: Drake /  Instagram

PHOTO: Drake / Instagram

On the other hand, "Diplomatic Immunity" lacks the same adrenaline rush from the first listen, but still comes across as a sinister track. Drake tones it down a notch in this rap heavy song, choosing to spit eloquent rhymes over a slow beat and echoes from a classical band. Again, this is not something new for the Toronto rapper. Stylistically, "Diplomatic Immunity" even slightly mirrors 2015’s "30 for 30 Freestyle." Both are on the quieter side and both have Drake’s rap skills at the forefront. If "Diplomatic Immunity" was an image, it’d just be Drake in the studio rapping confessions and truisms to the mic. Which is exactly what he does.

"Diplomatic Immunity" can be seen as a list of all the madness Drake is able to deflect because of his status. Within that list, a deeper look into the rapper’s life can be seen. And of course, Drake takes a few risky jabs within the details. Specifically, Drakes addresses two famous exes, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. "Caterin' is from Giorgio Baldi / Robyn's favorite / S**t is nice, but I prefer Madeo," Drake raps, referring to the way he and Rihanna (real name Robin) wanted different things. "2017 I lost J. Lo / A Rotterdam trip had me on the front page though" is a clever line which insults Jennifer Lopez’s current boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez a.k.a. A-Rod. It’s clear Drake’s astounding ability to write rhymes still stands valiantly, as seen in this track.

Both "God’s Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity" are not the best songs Drake has ever created, yet they hold their distinct traits and strengths. But one thing is for sure: Drake is ready to dominate the music industry in 2018 again -- just tack it on with all his other years and Grammys.

Lead Image Credit: Drake / Instagram