James Maslow Releases New, Addicting Single “Falling”


A rejuvenating voice in pop is making his mark once again. The voice, belonging to none other than singer-songwriter, James Maslow. Maslow just released yet another catchy pop song entitled "Falling," sure to get stuck in all of our heads by the end of the weekend. You can hear it right here on Blended!

"Falling," written and produced by Doug MakutaTRIFØR, and Maslow himself, is an electronically infused pop song about struggling with desire and eventually succumbing to it. The song pinpoints Maslow’s emergence into a more synthesized pop sound as it utilizes the same producer for the remix of his popular song, "How I Like It," released last Friday.

Fresh and concurrently haunting beats fuse together in Maslow's single to create a definitively addictive quality to the song. Within the first listen, "Falling" generates a refreshing vibe with its upbeat tone and fast pace. The song may be about a struggle, but it is bound to make you want to dance along to it.  A loop of trickling and dazzling sounds work in the back of the verses to truly drive the idea of diving into love with a new person. If that doesn’t show superb production, I don’t know what does.

It’s not all about the production, though. Maslow’s smooth vocals reign all the components of the song to deliver the heartfelt emotion. Ultimately, what is born is a love song vibrant enough to capture the wild emotion of love. With the release of "Falling," Maslow is able to prove the power of his voice and production skills all at once. Although he is best known for his time with the successful teen band, Big Time Rush, Maslow has pursued all of his triple threat talents extensively.

Now, it is clear Maslow intends to show a deeper interest in his musical pursuits as he delves deeper into the music industry. "Falling" also shows just how persistent the singer-songwriter is in sharing his brilliant artistry with the world, as he should be. You can listen to James Maslow's "Falling" on streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotfiy, and more.

Lead Image Credit: James Maslow / Instagram

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