Emily Warren Goes Solo After Writing Smash Hits for Pop Superstars


Emily Warren is the mastermind behind some of the biggest songs from the last few years. The 26-year-old has written for many pop superstars, including The Chainsmokers ("Don't Let Me Down"), Dua Lipa ("New Rules"), and Charli XCX ("Boys"). Saying "bye-bye" to the behind-the-scenes, Warren is now entering the musical spotlight with her new solo album, Quiet Your Mind.

PHOTO: David O'Donohue

PHOTO: David O'Donohue

Warren's move to release an album and unveil her solo debut is exciting as the world finally gets to hear her own music and what she will bring to the scene. According to TIME, the New York City native took classical piano lessons as a kid, but almost gave it up after learning that Bach and Beethoven were not her style. Her parents inspired her to get involved with pop music and songwriting, which would eventually pave the pathway to her solo debut. Quiet Your Mind is "about love; wanting love, fearing love, finding, learning and living in and losing love," she announced in an Instagram post.

Warren definitely stays true to this statement on the 11-track album. The opening song, "How It Ends," is an exploration of love that works so well thanks to Warren's incredible ability to transform her emotions into raw lyrics. Songs like "The Point" on the album enter the stage of doubt when Warren sings, "What if the point is him? And what if the point is not?" encompassing a completely different feel from the opening song. She keeps her theme of a complicated love strong in "Say It" with some gentle, harmonious guitar riffs, where Warren strips back and ponders the frustration of second-guessing a relationship.

One of the best songs off the album is "Something To Hold On To." The song is deep, emotional, and straight to the point where you may just want to turn the volume all the way up and absorb every soulful melody. "You should know the shooting pain that hits me in the chest," Warren murmurs on a more vulnerable side of her vocals.

Each song offers a different experience that Warren has dealt with. The departure in sound from her previous work in songwriting is the most notable aspect of the album. Though it is a pop work of art, it's more experimental and less bubblegum. Essentially, Warren is telling us her story with less beat drops and more heartfelt, down-tempo melodies and snippets of eccentric tones. "Quiet your mind," and take a listen to the solo debut album of one of the best songwriters in the industry.

Lead Image Credit: Danilo Lewis / Instagram