Halsey Sheds Toxic Relationship in "Without Me" Music Video


Stripped down and raw to the core, Halsey's music video for her single "Without Me" delves into an area of artistry she's never gone.

Last week, Halsey dropped the emotionally-packed video which details a realistic view at a toxic relationship. The twist is that Halsey is not singing or acting under any character; she is just herself. Halsey typically puts together theatrical projects for her music videos, incorporating motifs and storylines that all connect for one cohesive project depending on the album she's working on. However, "Without Me" stands alone as an emotional single without any attachment to a future album and the video follows suit.

In the video, Halsey can be seen outlining the story between her and a guy who has an uncanny resemblance to her extremely public ex-boyfriend, G-Eazy. Despite this, Halsey tweeted that the video was supposed to represent pieces of all her past relationships.

The story between the two characters unfolds as a tumultuous one filled with partying, drinking that veers into alcoholism, sex, theft, and ultimate disaster. In order to fully explicate the realities of an abusive relationship, Halsey and director Colin Tilley juxtapose clips of heartfelt moments between the characters with fiery scenes that prove to be harmful to both parties. In this way, the "Without Me" video does a wonderful job at showing the highs of an abusive relationship which can keep people enthralled, yet stuck.

PHOTO: YouTube

PHOTO: YouTube

Halsey and Tilley are able to not only show this aspect of toxic relationships, but the exhausting truth of the effect these relationships can have. Often, Halsey's character is seen beside her boyfriend in the video, consoling him in every way possible. She helps him as he throws up in a toilet, she cleans his wound from a bar fight, she holds him as he breaks down. While these are tender moments, the video does not show these actions being reciprocated. Instead, it holds true to the content of the song and relays a situation in which Halsey and her kindness are taken advantage of.

Scenes of the story are split up with black and white scenes of Halsey showering and bathing in nothing but a white tank top and underwear. It seems these were included to represent how Halsey is metaphorically cleaning away the negative emotions that come with a toxic relationship. At the end, Halsey looks completely 'clean' as one more shot of her in a tub is punctuated in pure color.

"This record was really just about me realizing that it's not okay to give all of myself to someone who isn't going to reciprocate in a naturally balanced way," Halsey told KIIS FM.

Lead Image Credit: YouTube