Ross & Rocky Lynch Release Their First Single "Preacher Man" Under New Band Name, The Driver Era


Recently, Ross Lynch announced that R5 was taking a break after the R5 Instagram account changed over to the name "thedriverera." The band signed with Hollywood Records back in 2012 and since have made songs that their fans have loved, including their recent hit song "If."

The band decided to take a break due to the different projects each band member has. R5 consisted of Ross, Riker, Rydel, and Rocky Lynch as well as Ellington Ratliff.

The Driver Era posted this note on their Instagram story easing the pains of the R5 break:

PHOTO: Will Heffernan / BLENDED

PHOTO: Will Heffernan / BLENDED

Now, with Ross and Rocky driving in a new direction with their new band, The Driver Era, new music is on the way and they just released their first single called "Preacher Man." Ross and Rocky  explained to Billboard why this song wasn’t fit for R5: "For recent creations, the best outlet wasn’t necessarily R5, it was The Driver Era. Our goal, as any artist should be, is to try and push boundaries of not only ourselves, but of the music, and also excite people. As an artist, you want to entertain people. The reason we started the Driver Era is just cause our creative endeavors sort of demanded it."

The new song "Preacher Man" is about forgiveness and acceptance of yourself. One would be quick to assume it would be a religion-oriented song with the name, but it isn’t at all, which is what Ross Lynch emphasizes about the song, "From the title you might think there’s some kind of religious connotation there, but if anything there's more of an atheist quality to it."

It’s about asking to be forgiven after going through dark times that maybe you couldn’t help. The song with its deep message also is really a jam to listen to. The guitar riffs and the drums as well as the piano during the chorus highlight the feeling of the dark, forgiving tone of the song. It is definitely more rock n' roll like any other song R5 did. With its retro pop-infused beats and soul lifting vocals, you will want to get out on the dance floor during one listen. The chorus where Ross is almost shout-talking over the piano will automatically get your attention -- it is a very different sound than anything in modern day music.

"Preacher Man" is the first single for The Driver Era, pay close attention to their Instagram, "thedriverera" as they are hinting at a possible tour and more music soon. Listen to the new song now and let us know what you think!

Lead Image Credit: The Driver Era / Instagram