DJ SANiTY Brings Music and Art Back to the East Coast With New Medley Visual


East Coast G House is a sound. It is a movement. It is a proper fusion of gritty house/electronic beats and East Coast hip-hop bars. In addition to the musical soundscapes, the surrounding ambiance and visual aesthetic of East Coast G House aims to combine prominent elements of both worlds, including everything from shuffling and dance to old-school graffiti art. These unique energies come together in a way never experienced before in the official music video for the project!

On March 14th, up and coming producer DJ SANiTY dropped the video for two tracks off his latest compilation, East Coast G House. The compilation, which was curated and executively produced by SANiTY,  features the first track, "Ride" produced by DJ SANiTY and created with rapper R. Legend, and the second track, "2 Da House" produced by SOUND.E, featuring rappers Mav'Rick and Chillz. The two tracks were combined to create a bright and lively medley, which acted as inspiration for the visual representation of the eclectic music genre that is G-House (ghetto house) and it’s migration to the East Coast. SANiTY is known for his manipulation of the G-House genre to incorporate equally heavy components of house music and 90’s rap and hip-hop; he adds his own East Coast rap touches to the music by inviting scene producers and rappers like SOUND.E, Mav’Rick, Chillz, and R. Legend. In this way, he’s relocating the genre to the East Coast, particularly to the place he calls home, New York City.

The East Coast and 90’s vibes were illustrated throughout the video with saturated colors and multiple graffitti visuals. An overall blue hue surrounds the images within the video, possibly a nod to East Coast vibes with the cool tones, opposed to warmer West Coast and Midwest ones. While the graffiti seems to be just another visual aid, it is actually an astounding artistic component, credited to old-school graffiti artists, SJK-171 and Mike-171. Both artists originate from New York, and clearly know about the 90’s flare of graffiti as they successfully reimagined the art.

PHOTO: Mav'Rick /

PHOTO: Mav'Rick /

In order to truly drive in this idea of moving G-House from Chicago, its origin, to the East Coast empire, New York City, flashes of differing boroughs’ streets are incorporated into the video. Specifically, the flashes focus upon the respective neighborhoods each of the artists grew up in. We see pieces of Astoria, Queensbridge, Harlem, and Washington Heights as the various locations within the video, all of which enforces how invested the artists are on bringing G-House home. It also goes to show how authentically 'East Coast' each individual involved in the video actually is. The rest of the video introduces the multiple rap artists on a rooftop to, again, set the important scene of New York. Dancers from New York underground shuffling scene and crew, S.O.E., break it down to the beats. During the whole video, though, the mastermind behind the migration of G-House, DJ SANiTY, is spinning calmly in the background.

PHOTO: DJ SANiTY /  Instagram

PHOTO: DJ SANiTY / Instagram

The most crucial part, the music, definitely takes listeners on quite the adventure, just as the video does. The medley starts with "Ride" with intense beats that transition into even heavier electronic beats -- all of which are delivered with a steady pace and repeated throughout, as house music is known for. A cinematic pause allows for a sleek introduction of R. Legend, clad in all black and delivering a steady flow with collected poise. This is the moment when the house elements of the music fade into the back and hip-hop components come forth, such as a minor, high-pitched loop custom to rap music of the 90’s. Just as listeners get comfortable with the interlude of sorts, R. Legend distinctly directs to “go back to the G-House” and the electronic repetitive beat picks up once more, even faster than before. "Ride" finishes by exploding with intensity as a way   to introduce its medley partner, "2 Da House."

At this point in the video, Mav’Rick and Chillz are at the forefront. This part of the medley holds energizing tones and funky vibes, concurrently. Unlike the beginning of the medley, "2 Da House" truly envelops the fuse of G-House with East Coast Rap as Mav'Rick and Chillz spit over distinctly house beats. Still, the tantalizing "droplet" sound that hip-hop and rap songs are known for are scattered throughout this portion of the video. The effect? Even more energy in their flows and an unfamiliar, yet pleasant partnership between the genres. The exhilaration of the song is unavoidable as beats work together to progressively enhance and build for several cinematic drops, which truly liven up the medley as a whole. All the while, the hook reinstates the migration of the genre: "We goin' to bring the streets to the house," which whispers a reminder of their purpose for the video. As noted before, SANiTY must entwine the East Coast rap touches with the vivacious house beats in order to do this. So it's not a surprise that rhythmic rap verses pull the whole songs together to deliver an interesting, yet addicting sound. 

It’ll be fascinating to see what adventure DJ SANiTY takes his listeners on next.

Lead Image Credit: DJ SANiTY and R.Legend /

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