Zayn Returns to the Music Scene with New Single "Let Me" and Crime Meets Lover Video


Zayn Malik is making his music comeback post-Gigi Hadid breakup with his new single, "Let Me." As he is putting the finishing touches on his second solo album (the follow-up to 2016's Mind of Mine), Zayn is making waves with the single's action-movie video, featuring "Scarface"/"Breaking Bad" actor Steve Bauer.

Released just this morning, "Let Me" is a romantically aphrodisiac track that highlights Zayn's falsetto with sweet lyrics: "Baby, let me be your man, so I can love you, and if you let me be your man, then I'll take care of you, you." The music video opens with Zayn getting out of a cab and walking into a casino, while his previous hit single "Dusk to Dawn" plays in the background. Picking up where he left off in the "Dusk to Dawn" music video with Sia, Zayn enters the casino and the song quickly changes to "Let Me," as he searches endlessly for a lover.

The suspenseful music video shows the struggles that Zayn faces to eventually be with the woman of his dreams (played by model Sofia Jamora). He deals with gangsters under a henchman (Steve Bauer) and goes on missions to support himself so he can get closer to his woman. With intimate love scenes between Sofia and Zayn as well as an intense fight scene where he tries to protect her, she surprises him by battling the gangsters. In a happily ever after kind-of-way, the two escape together on a both and share a kiss in the ocean with the sun shining down -- it is a must-watch music video.

Lyrically, the song is very different compared to other Zayn tracks. He sings about sex, yet wanting to take care of someone for the rest of his life. It is certainly more romantic than a one-night stand. With Zayn's smooth, easy to listen to voice on top of the pop/R&B track that has sizzling beats, you will definitely have this song on repeat.

Lead Image Credit: "Let Me" music video