Aaron Henningsen Details True Love on New Single “My Perfect Stranger”


Nashville-based singer-songwriter Aaron Henningsen just released his new single "My Perfect Stranger," co-written and produced by Doug Makuta (of the NYC rock band MAKUTA). "My Perfect Stranger" is an introduction to Aaron Henningsen -- the solo artist.  

PHOTO: Audrey Henningsen

PHOTO: Audrey Henningsen

Formerly a member of the Sony-signed band, The Henningsens, and writer of hit songs for The Band Perry, Sara Evans, and Billy Currington, Aaron is stepping out, embracing a sound all his own, with a debut EP arriving later this Spring.Henningsen's songwriting expertise shines through in "My Perfect Stranger," a stunning love song, which proves to be ideal in showcasing Henningsen's new solo direction in music.

In "My Perfect Stranger," Henningsen addresses a particular lover by the unique name of Lelyn, who he described on his Facebook page as "the girl that has been my refuge and safe place for the last 10 years." This personal touch makes the song that much more heartfelt and authentic in its content and delivery.

From the first note, Henningsen's soothing voice sets a calming tone and invites listeners into the delicate sounds of the single. Henningson's talent is clear as he maintains sophisticated control over his voice throughout the song, ringing into higher notes at just the right moments, which fully embrace the graceful nature of "My Perfect Stranger." Perhaps Henningsen's talent is rooted in the unique nature of tenor: a splendid mix of country and folk influences. Overall, Henningsen's voice makes the song come alive as he communicates the pure emotion of love in each note.

Along with Henningsen's voice, warm and smooth guitar chords drive the song into the same state of grace. The acoustic guitar also provides listeners with a touch of Henningsen's Nashville roots and country music past. The chorus is the most musically interesting component of the entire song, as it steps away from the simplicity found in the verses. A cinematic crescendo of violin and percussion works very nicely to portray the intensity of the love Henningsen writes about.

All in all, "My Perfect Stranger" is a serene ballad that succeeds in the desire to capture the emotion of love and turn it into a song. In some ways, the simple single can be seen as an alluring love letter too, with Henningsen's purposeful lyrics. The greatest take away from "My Perfect Stranger," though, is the implicit message it sends: Aaron Henningsen is definitely here to stay in the music scene.

You can listen to "My Perfect Stranger" on Apple Music and other streaming services now.

Lead Image Credit: Audrey Henningsen

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