Blended Exclusive: 15-Year-Old Brynn Cartelli on Winning The Voice and What's Next


At only fifteen, Brynn Cartelli is the youngest person to win NBC's popular singing competition, The Voice. Cartelli won Season 14 of The Voice on Kelly Clarkson's team. From Massachusetts to LA, Cartelli has already released her first single called "Walk My Way," written by Julia Michaels. Blended had the chance to interview The Voice winner about her experience and her life now as a young star in the spotlight.

PHOTO: Tyler Golden / NBC

PHOTO: Tyler Golden / NBC

What does it feel like being Kelly Clarkson’s first winner on The Voice? As well as being the youngest winner in the show's history?

It's absolutely mind-blowing that I won, especially since it was Kelly's first season on the show! It's been an amazing ride. I never even dreamed of winning because it seemed so far off, especially since I am the youngest with the least experience. It’s more than a dream come true.

How has your life at home changed since being on the show? 

Home is very different! At first, it didn't feel like home. Everyone's been really nice and supportive. It's been a relief to get back to normal life for a little while before I start working on the next project!

Now that you've won, what are your plans for music? 

I am so excited to work on my own music, coming from me instead of being from the show. I have a very clear vision for my album and the sound I'm going for. I've had ideas for a very long time. I couldn't be more thrilled to piece it all together and work with some amazing people!

Your single "Walk My Way" is written by Julia Michaels, how does it feel like to know your first single is written by an established artist like Michaels? What does the song mean to you?

I am forever thankful to Julia for giving me "Walk My Way." It really connected with the audience well. That was the strategy Kelly and I had: it doesn't need to completely represent me as an artist, it's important that I sound good on it and that it can connect with large audiences. In the studio, we changed it up a lot, adding more soul and darkness in the places that it was needed! I love that you can't tell whether the narrator of the song is interested in the person she is singing to or is being sassy. Very smart writing on Julia Michaels, Justin Trantor, and Nick Monson's part!

What was your favorite performance that you did on The Voice?

My favorite performance was probably "Fix You" because a lot of the ideas for the arrangement and the set were my own. I also love that anyone can connect to that song somehow. Also, I love Coldplay but never expected to do a song by them on the show. I am very happy that I got that opportunity.

What was the whole process like?

The whole process was crazy. The Voice is a machine of a show… it moves SO FAST! There is a lot of hard work that goes in behind the scenes. The whole crew is incredible and they are all such amazing humans! It's difficult to soak it all up though, since everything's going at 10,000 miles per hour!

What was the best advice that a judge gave you on The Voice?

Kelly taught me a lot about the music industry in our conversations during the show, on and off camera. She told me how hard it was, but it is very important to have fun during it all. Otherwise, the experience is worthless. I am a very driven and hard-working person, so I often get in my head. Hearing this was very important for me and my attitude when my stress about music or my performance kicked in. 

PHOTO: Trae Patton / NBC

PHOTO: Trae Patton / NBC

What do you miss most about The Voice?

I miss a lot of things. Getting free hair, makeup, and wardrobe is AMAZING! Everyone I met on the show, be it contestants, staff, producers, the band, background vocalists, choreographers, and the glam squad... I'm sure I can list more. The months I spent on The Voice are/and will forever be some of the best months of my life.

What are some tips that you can give to future contestants?

I suggest that future contestants sing songs that represent them best as a singer and musician in all of their auditions before the show. Once you get on the show, I think it is very important to branch out and not keep yourself in a box, but put yourself down a lane. Connect with all kinds of music fans and bring them into your world. The Voice is a game, you need a strategy.

Lead Image Credit: Trae Patton / NBC