Taylor Belle Releases Catchy New Pop Single “Force of Forgetting”


Two weeks ago, pop singer Taylor Belle released her second single of 2018, "Force of Forgetting." Although the song isn't even three minutes long, it is filled with everything a lover of pop could need: a catchy beat, a memorable chorus, and verses that show off Belle's range.

PHOTO: Jason Chin /  Instagram

PHOTO: Jason Chin / Instagram

The song was co-written by activist and author Alicia Cook who is working on a project to take poems from her latest book, "I Hope My Voice Doesn't Skip," and turn them into songs with the help of musicians such as Belle. The two have been friends for five years, via the internet, and finally got to meet in person when they co-wrote the song.

Cook enjoys a good pop song according to her Instagram, where she posts pictures with captions of Halsey and Camila Cabello lyrics. Nevertheless, she teamed up with Highland Kites and wrote the lyrics for "Between the Notes," as part of the project surrounding her latest book -- the single that was released by the alternative band back in May. To round out her wide taste in music, she also co-wrote a country song based on a poem from her book with Codey Bearden. Cook is collaborating with a number of bands and musicians to elevate her new collection of poems. The poetry book is modeled after a vinyl record, separated into the EP record containing shorter poems, and the LP record with longer poems, prose, and songs.

Taylor Belle is the latest to collaborate with Cook, singing the sad, yet hopeful poem, "Force of Forgetting." This single is about a past relationship, and every sh**ty thing that reminds you about a past relationship. Something about the song reminds you that recovery is possible -- which that is also reflected in "I Hope My Voice Doesn't Skip."

PHOTO: Jason Chin /  Instagram

PHOTO: Jason Chin / Instagram

Sometimes it feels wrong to miss someone and really take in everything that’s acting as a reminder, but there’s nothing wrong or invalid about feelings. [I]t’s good to embrace all feelings, good and bad.
— Taylor Belle

Belle hopes audiences will be comforted by her song if they have relating situations in their lives and "definitely want[s] people to go check out the rest of Alicia's work after listening."

Taylor Belle's "Force of Forgetting" is available on all major streaming services and Alicia Cook's "I Hope My Voice Doesn't Skip" is available at all major bookstores, including Amazon.

Lead Image Credit: Aubrey / Instagram