VMAs 2018: Logic and Ryan Tedder Protest Family Separation during "One Day" Performance


No one other than Logic knows how to completely transform MTV's Video Music Awards stage. With his vision, Logic takes the famous stage and elevates it to a new ground of purpose for sharing influential and important messages.

On Monday, August 20th, Logic conjured this same magic when performing "One Day" with Ryan Tedder and simultaneously shining a light on the issue of family separation at the U.S. Border.

While Logic is not new to this transformative nature when it comes to the VMAs stage, this year's performance of "One Day" held heavier political motives than "1-800-273-8255." Even though the emphasis on mental health and awareness of last year's performance was remarkable and moving, "One Day" brought about an even more daring topic to the forefront of pop culture's biggest night.

Logic not only addressed the issue of family separation at the U.S. border, he slammed it into every audience member and viewer's face. The performance started on that note by juxtaposing Tedder on an emotional, dark piano scene to then having Logic emphatically lead a long line of immigrant children through Radio City Music Hall, burst through the doors, and flood the aisles of the audience. Along with their dramatic entrance, the kids were sporting white T-shirts with the generic, yet powerful message "We Are All Human Beings."

This message clearly served as a reminder to those opposing the difficulties these immigrants have faced at the hands of the U.S. Government. Logic, on the other hand, had a blatant statement emblazoned on his black T-shirt. It simply read: "F**k the Wall," referring to the border wall President Trump discussed since the start of his campaign and into his presidency.

The most compelling moment of Logic and Tedder's performance was when the stage wall with a graphic of the current, menacing U.S. border appeared to get demolished and lifted up to show more immigrants -- undoubtedly, the parents of the children on stage. Instantly, parents and children embraced as they wore the same "We Are All Human Beings" T-shirt. In response, the VMA audience cheered robustly and the immigrants on stage were beaming. To end the symbolic and moving performance, all of the immigrants on stage held up LED candles, showing the light of hope for change.

But one thing I can be sure, as long as I got the floor
I’ma use this power to paint a picture of unity.
— Logic, "One Day"

Logic brought an issue greatly discussed in the political world to the pop culture world and made all types of people aware of the atrocity of family separation at the border. The entire principle of the performance was, perhaps, the most important part because rather than have it get swept under the rug, as most important issues due in lew of easy distractions like award shows, Logic showcased it front and center.

It is so refreshing to see a modern-day artist not be caught up in fame and instead, use it to address important issues with the clear goal of fixing them. May everyone learn from the young rapper.

Lead Image Credit: Ryan Tedder / Instagram

Maya GeorgiTeam Blended