The Backbone Behind the House of Vibe All-Stars


From their rhythmic residency in Santa Monica to their grand performance at the 2018 ESPYs, the House of Vibe All-Stars can do no wrong when it comes to conceiving the perfect vibe.

Blended had the opportunity to talk to Anthony "Brew" Brewster, the creative genius behind the House of Vibe All-Stars, and Adrian Buelna, the avidly active manager of the band who handles their day to day. Together, their unique yet determined perspectives elevate the House of Vibe to what it has grown to become today.

"The Facilitator" Adrian Buelna plays a pivotal role in all things HOV. Whether it be tour managing, setting up equipment, or overall management -- Buelna works hard to cultivate a positive space and experience for artists by helping with the vital aspects of the venue, performance, and personal support.

Anthony Brewster is the mastermind behind the House of Vibe. He understands that music and art are just as important as the pieces of life weaved into the middle of the creative process. Brewster is also passionate about influencing young artists to aim for artistic authenticity in their music, especially in an industry which seems to focus more on numbers and image.

The House of Vibe All-Stars include Brew (MD), Joey "Deploi" LopezLouis KingConrad BauerCorey Cofield, Fish, Riz, and many more. With the joining of these All-Stars and a matching All-Star sound, it is clear that the House of Vibe is set to make a lasting impact on both the music industry and the band's community.

You can catch the legendary band live in Santa Monica every week for #WestsideWednesdays at Harvelle's along with many other tour dates. We cannot wait to see what they do next!

Lead Image Credit and Photos: Kobi Ross / BLENDED