Uffie Will Truly Return with Highly-Anticipated EP 'Tokyo Love Hotel'


French-American pop sensation Uffie, has been delivering quality synth tunes since her debut fifteen years ago. Now, she’s back with single “Sadmoney,” which dropped early February, ahead of her new EP “Tokyo Love Hotel,” out February 22nd. “Sadmoney” comes as a teaser of what to expect from her new body of work.

When compared to her feature on Charli XCX's “Babygirl,” “Sadmoney” takes on a noticeably more somber tone. Its composition veers towards the minimalistic territory favored by Uffie in so many of her tracks, yet nothing about it feels repetitive. The sensitive, yet relatable, subject matter allows millennials and Gen-Z listeners to feel comfortable while hearing the soft fusion of gentle guitar strums and keyboard notes. Even the transition into a pop pulsation of beats feels calm. This sense of comfort is only increased by the mellow intonations of Uffie’s voice.

The lyrics further speak to the struggles of a millennial living in a modern society. “Sadmoney” is a song about intense longing -- a longing that announces itself at the beginning of the song and evolves throughout its duration, but stays at the forefront of it just the same. Through Uffie’s lyrics, the listener is transported to a world where superfluous spending is not only a plausible option, but it’s also a seemingly necessary one.

If we’re judging by what is indicated in “Sadmoney,” Uffie’s “Tokyo Love Hotel” EP promises to be an interesting manifestation of Uffie’s talent as a young, but established, artist. “Sadmoney” leaves listeners, and fans of Uffie, intrigued. Given the quality of this single, and her past work, we look forward to hearing what is to come on February 22nd.

Lead Image Credit: Uffie