Finneas Drops Provocative "New Girl" Music Video


Murder mystery or romantic comedy? Acclaimed artist, songwriter, and producer, Finneas O’Connell, gives us both with the release of the music video for his hit single “New Girl.”

Finneas, who has spent the last few months as an opener on tour with his sister, Billie EIlish, is well-known for his work with artists Khalid, Kehlani, Sabrina Claudio, Jessie Reyez, and Olivia O’Brien. Apart from his collaborations, he has been building his way towards worldwide recognition as a solo artist, with the release of nine singles in 2018. Now, fans can relish in new content from Finneas with his video for “New Girl,” which dropped this week.

Despite “New Girl” having been released in 2016, it is considered one of Finneas’ most popular singles. In the song, the narrative follows a blooming relationship with a potentially dangerous new girl. Finneas croons about playing with fire over a slow rhythm and a punching beat. With the song drifting from a low whisper-like opening to a belting chorus, it’s no wonder fans are enamored with the track and Finneas’ vocal versatility.

The Emma Sydney Menzies-directed music video was the perfect visual accompaniment for the darkly romantic theme. In the opening scene of the “New Girl” video, actress Yasmine Vega sports flamethrower red lips and an all black ensemble as she pulls up to pick up Finneas in a black hearse. Short montages of the happy couple paired with shots of the leading lady showing her streak for bad behavior illustrate the songs’ enticing description of the fun to be had with this new girl in Finneas’ life. All of these clips are delivered with a vintage touch as light leaks and disposable camera pictures are spliced into the montage. These visual touches complement the tones of the song and add to the overall theme. The video finally closes on a battered Finneas laying on the floor, still singing about playing with his new girl, who at this point is also his murderer.

Following such an adventurous relationship, the final scenes drive home the importance of being careful of what you wish for. Finneas’ low timbre on the last note rings like a gong and leaves fans anxiously anticipating his next move.

Lead Image Credit: Finneas / Instagram