Sol Blume: The Mellow Music Festival of Sacramento


A music festival that celebrates everything chill with culture, diversity, and mellow tunes.

PHOTO: Bryan Berry /  Instagram

PHOTO: Bryan Berry / Instagram

As festival season officially sets in, another California festival is on the horizon. Everyone has heard of Coachella, or even Outside Lands but this month there is an entirely new music festival coming back to the Sacramento area -- Sol Blume. The festival will take place at the beautifully historic Cesar Chavez Plaza on April 27, 2019 for its second year.

Unlike any other music festival, Sol Blume presents itself with chill and positive vibes rather than the craziness of large, corporate music festivals.

Sol Blume's lineup consists of R&B and hip hop artists -- which is drastically different than any other music festival lineup. Most music festival lineups mainly highlight upbeat, pop acts in order to focus on the heavy partying lifestyle and overall hedonism.

The beauty of Sol Blume's atmosphere is that its festival attendees can just relax and enjoy the music in their own lowkey manner. This distinct characteristic also gives attendees the chance to see the beauty and cultural diversity Sacramento has to offer.

With its amazing location and unique R&B/hip hop focused lineup, here are some artists to be looking forward to:

Kiana Lede

A familiar face who starred in the second season of MTV’s horror series Scream is mainly known for her songs “EX” and “Fairplay.” Her sweet voice combined with heavy R&B beats is magical to listen to. This rising R&B princess is someone everyone should keep their eyes on.


This Seattle-born Los Angeles-based singer is known for her songs such as “High School,” “Remember Me,” and “Friendzone,” which capture daily human experiences through her soft catchy melodies. Her songs are quirky, relatable, and overall able to connect with almost anyone out there. The crowd will surely be caught in their feelings with UMI.


Raveena Aurora is the Indian-American R&B singer that everyone needs in their lives. Soulful, healing, and relaxing -- she shows her unique style through her songs in “Temptation” and “Sweet Time.” Unwind and just groove to what Raveena has to offer.

Besides showcasing these emerging artists with notable and sophisticated sounds, Sol Blume’s festival experience stands out with its structure as well.

Sol Blume runs for a single day, so that people can just enjoy it in the moment and not risk getting overstimulated. The beauty of the festival is that attendees do not have to invest an extreme amount of time and energy in going unlike other music festivals that last for three to four days. This feature of Sol Blume also adds to its status of becoming the staple music festival for Sacramento.

This music festival, despite its chill atmosphere, could be the next culturally important music festival that every Californian didn’t know they needed until now. With its diverse music lineup, historically stunning location -- it’s no brainer that this festival will remain part of the buzz in Sacramento, maybe even for years to come.

Overall, Sol Blume is great for those who just want to sit back and bask in some soulful R&B and soft hip hop jams. While music festivals generally contain hyped energy, we’re letting you know that the party doesn’t have to stop but there’s also nothing wrong with celebrating a graceful night of unwinding with chill beats and cool friends with the small, but inviting city as the backdrop.

Lead Image Credit: Bryan Berry / Instagram