MAKUTA Takes Listeners Out of This World with New Song “The Sound of Space”


Brooklyn-based four-piece band MAKUTA (Doug, Jane, Aleata and Rose) dropped their new single “The Sound of Space” this past Friday, leaving listeners interested and excited for more.

“The Sound of Space” takes a slight, unique departure from the band’s previously released tracks that draws you in the minute the space-agey countdown starts at the beginning of the song — allowing the listener to get prepared both musically and emotionally for what’s to come.

MAKUTA continues the space motif through the main verses of the song, even using an astronaut voiceover sample to kick off the second verse. The theme connects lyrically, as well,  with lines like “Constellations spelling out your name” and “Darkness, wasting / Gravity, take me away.”

PHOTO: MAKUTA /  Twitter


The song is the most interesting when it reaches its crescendo in the chorus with a larger presence of instrumentation in the background which reflects against hints of a female backing vocalist. These juxtaposed elements create a fun contrast in the song. The two vocalists sing together “In the end, there’s no world without you here,” tying the track in a neat little bow right back to the title.

For both new and longtime MAKUTA listeners digging deeper into their discography, this song is most musically like the track “Remind Me to Forget (You)” from their 2014 EP The Kingbird Sessions. Earlier this year, however, the group also put out another single “Us” which has gained a good amount of traction of Spotify streams and is definitely worth checking out if you enjoyed the galactic experience of “The Sound of Space.”

Lead Image Credit: MAKUTA / Instagram