NJOMZA Honors Mac Miller in New Single “No One Is Spared”


The entire music world was shaken when Mac Miller tragically passed last September. But, as always, those closest to him felt the brunt of Mac’s painful loss.

PHOTO: NJOMZA /  Instagram

PHOTO: NJOMZA / Instagram

On Wednesday, June 26th, rising Chicago songstress, NJOMZA, released the single “No One Is Spared” as a beautiful way to honor her friend and music legend. The slow tempoed single fuses a distinct bass guitar and trickling loops to create a sonic space that both mimics the unease of grief and encapsulates the water allusions NJOMZA makes throughout the song. “Supposed to swim, but you dove in/And then you drowned,” NJOMZA sings, no doubt referring to Mac’s death and his latest release, Swimming. It’s lines like this one and the second verse transitional lyric “I wish you could see tomorrow” that make this song sting lyrically as well.

The true genius of “No One Is Spared” is that is goes beyond discussing Mac Miller, and illustrates a brief glimpse into NJOMZA’s grieving process. With one listen to the melody, it’s clear NJOMZA took to dealing with the pain the only way she knows how to: belting out raw, beautiful vocals in a song. NJOMZA reflects “Life is unfair/There’s no one left spared” in the chorus; her masterful vocals make these lyrics that much more potent. But, in the verses, she coos softly and creates a comforting effect. This effect frames lyrics like “When I die, it’s peaceful/When I die, let me go” and move the song into a truly universal level as NJOMZA contemplates the fact of the song’s title.

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you are missed.

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Even so, at the heart of “No One Is Spared,” is Mac Miller and the great impact he had on NJOMZA. NJOMZA was among Mac’s inner circle, and even started a revolution of “reMeMber” tattoos amongst fans shortly after his death. After uploading amazing covers of Mac’s songs on YouTube back in 2011, NJOMZA started a friendship with the Pittsburgh rapper and eventually signed to his label, REMember Music. Since then, she has signed a new deal with Since the 80’s/Motown Records, released two videos for singles off her recent “Vacation” EP, performed at LA Pride, and even attended Gov Ball — and that’s only this year. NJOMZA may have suffered through a terrible tragedy, but it’s clear she’s using it as fuel to continue doing what she loves; Mac would be so proud.

Make sure to give “No One Is Spared” a listen here, but be ready to tear up.

Lead Image Credit: NJOMZA / Instagram