Mayday Parade Drop Heavy Video for “Looks Red, Tastes Blue”


Notoriously sad boys Mayday Parade are back with a touching video for “Looks Red, Tastes Blue,” which dropped this past week. The song is off their sixth album to date, Sunnyland, which released last June. Since then, the popular emo rock band has kept fairly busy with headlining the final nationwide Warped Tour in 2018, producing a Sunnyland Tour last fall, and playing shows in different continents.

The visual is fittingly emotional for the heartfelt “Looks Red, Tastes Blue,” a song that discusses universal hurt and human connection. "We wanted to make a video that connected our fan base even more and ‘Looks Red, Tastes Blue’ was the perfect song to give us that opportunity,” said drummer Jake Bundrick in the video’s press release.

Last year, lead singer Derek Sanders revealed he ultimately wrote the song about his grandmother’s passing with inspiration from his friend’s difficult double lung transplant experience. The intensity of these topics is clear in the lyrics of the song and Mayday Parade was able to visually represent these emotions of difficult situations as the video follows different people’s lives and narratives who all seem to be mourning a loss.

In order to literally interpret the lyrics and song title, the video switches between red and blue saturated clips. Whenever shots of the band playing appear, band members Derek Sanders, Alex Garcia, Jake Bundrick, Brooks Betts, and Jeremy Lenzo are drenched in blue lighting. These scenes are juxtaposed with a visual of a square that effuses bright, red light and sits in the center of a darkened expanse.

In connection with the song’s subject and the different character’s solemn behaviors, the red square seems to be representative of the person lost and the source of pain in each character’s life. This is cemented in the climax of the video as all the characters run to surround the square and stare at it as the deafening drums of “Looks Red, Tastes Blue” gradually build.

The refrain of the song seems to connect the entire video with lyrics “If I pinch myself so that I wake/ That means it never really happened,” as the characters all wake up right where they were before they ran to the red circle.

However, the video leaves fans off in a blue clip of Mayday Parade singing. Perhaps this serves as a reminder that even though painful realities are hard to experience, they are vital to the grieving process and can be made better with music from a band that isn’t afraid to confront tough emotions with raw songwriting and visuals.

Bundrick completed the press release by stating a reminder to fans, “No matter what you’re going through in life, we’re there for you. We’re all the same and we’re more connected in this life than you know. We’re family.”

Lead Image Credit: Alex Garcia / Instagram