FLETCHER’s New EP Ruins Emotions In The Best Way Possible


After months of teasing her upcoming EP with singles including “Undrunk” and promoting it secretly on New York City streets with sidewalk graffiti of song lyrics, FLETCHER dropped you ruined new york city for me this past Friday. Since then, listeners have been ruined emotionally on the musical roller coaster she’s created. 

The EP gives a full-circle portrayal of modern relationships in early adulthood, using NYC as a backdrop to the story FLETCHER seeks to tell lyrically. It opens with the menacing chords of “If You’re Gonna Lie,” a track about when the drinks start pouring and the inevitable text-your-ex scenario happens. This blends seamlessly into upbeat track “Undrunk,” and continues the narrative of the relationship she’s in. “Undrunk” is a track that is tinged with regret in the verses as the reality of what’s just taken place sets in. Yet, the chorus provides a slight contrast, where even though FLETCHER feels regretful as portrayed bluntly in the lyrics: “Wish I could get a little undrunk, so I could uncall you / At five in the morning, I would unf*ck you,” melodically it still could double as a party song with catchy pop drops and acts as a “So What? Sh*t happens” anthem of sorts for anyone heading into or already in their twenties. 

“All Love” comes next and is the story of a secretly sad drunk girl whose ex walks into the bar with another lover, so they take more shots to cope, and all the emotions that come with it. It’s also the song that reminisces on memories with that person, giving context into the ways that person added to “ruining New York City.” Personally hanging out in those places myself and feeling the same kind of hurt, it makes lyrics  like “We started out as friends in the Lower East,” “Late nights in taxi cabs, wish I could get them back,” and “Should we forget about the past? Is that how you cope?” all the more powerful. FLETCHER’s deep croon also helps to punctuate the NYC setting. However, even if you don’t reside in Manhattan, this song is a sad party anthem for all the girls out there. 

The fast paced rhythm of “About You” makes it one of the clear standout contenders on the EP. This one is, out of all of the songs, the one where FLETCHER can’t shake the memory of the person the most, even after they’re gone and it’s confusing for her to understand. It’s been so long, but lyrically, she still sees them together in flashbacks of places they used to go. It’s something most have all been through, but it feels much more emotional and powerful blasting this song in headphones and walking around the East Village at night (or any part of any city someone ruined for you.)

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you ruined new york city for me ends with “Strangers” wrapping the narrative up somewhat. She’s content with “how they started out as strangers, now they’re strangers again,” but she’s still confused. Yet, rather than thinking of more ways she dislikes the other person, FLETCHER provides self-reflection and places some of the fault of the relationship going south on herself/the protagonist of the EP’s story in the second verse of this song. 

Overall, the EP gives a wide range of the ups-and-downs on the roller coaster that this relationship seems like it was. Tracks like “All Love” and “Undrunk” are good in their tracklist placement on the EP especially since some songs have a tendency to blend together. However, both in individual songs and on the record, FLETCHER takes full advantage of dropping emotions low by slowing down a verse or two and then, immediately raising them back up with a louder, stronger chorus. 

FLETCHER's EP was a bit of a slow burn at first, but it grows on you, once the ability to connect sonically and lyrically with its strong emotions shines through.  We’ve all had people who ruin places and cities for us, even long after their gone, and you ruined new york city for me does a powerful job of conveying all the feelings that come with that ruin. 

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